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Instagram is changing its feed

Instagram is changing its feed

An interesting announcement was made by Instagram these days. It seems that the photo-sharing app will change its feed from chronological to best posts first.

Will this be a good switching mode?

Instagram has also declared that its users miss approximately 70 percent of what’s in their feed, like interesting photos, posts by their best friends and even Likes. So, the company has decided to work a little bit at its news feed and rearrange the order of posts. This means that the new feed will change from chronological to posts “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

To be added that the switch will start out slowly and Instagram has declared that the posts will still be there, but in a different order. The company also said that the low-quality posts will probably be filtered out entirely. This rearranging feed is similar with what Twitter has made a couple of weeks ago and users didn’t receive the changes so gladly.

Everyone is curious to find out if Instagram users will be happy with these new changes. Probably, this new order will have better results. For example, if somebody doesn’t check his feed until the next day, but meanwhile a friend that he usually follows posts a photo, it could appear at the top of his feed the next day.

This system is also very familiar of how Facebook’s feed works and how Twitter has recently reconfigured its feed.

“As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share,” the company has declared in a post. 

“This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most. To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most,” the post continued.

Instagram also declared that the order of posts will be based largely on the user’s likes, his relationship with the person posting and his interest in the content. These new changes have the purpose to help users catch photos and clips from events or an important moment in a friend’s life that may have happened while they were away from Instagram. The photo-sharing app's users can expect to see their feeds change in the coming weeks or months and the company will gather users' feedback along the way.

“On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed, what this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible,” has declared co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, in an interview. 

Asked on how people might react to the new changes, Mr. Systrom has declared:

“If it’s one thing we do really well as a company, it’s that we take big change slowly and deliberately and bring the community along with us. It’s not like people will wake up tomorrow and have a different Instagram."
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