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Microsoft accused of monopolizing games development on PC

Microsoft is without a doubt trying to become once again an important presence in the world of technology, but it seems that the famous company is facing some accusations of monopolizing the games development possibility on PCs. The allegations were made by the co-founder of Epic Games, in an article for The Guardian.

According to Tim Sweeney, Microsoft is actually working to create a closed platform for the Windows 10, its latest operating system.

Developer criticizes Microsoft's 'monopolizing' approach to apps and gaming in Windows 10
The Windows 10 is considered to be a very successful operating system for Microsoft, which has actually put a lot of focus and a lot of work in this system.

However, according to Sweeney, this operating system might not benefit everyone.

He claimed that Microsoft has already made the first step in locking down the operating system and that is creating a monopoly on app distribution and commerce.
In my view, this is most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made," Sweeney said in his post. "Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry –- including consumers (and gamers in particular), software developers such as Epic Games, publishers like EA and Activision, and distributors like Valve and Good Old Games," he added.
Well, it seems that the reason why Sweeney claims that Microsoft is creating a monopoly is actually linked to the fact that the famous company is launching new Windows features only to the developers that take part in its "locked-down UWP (Universal Windows Platform) ecosystem.
 It seems that Sweeney has absolutely no problem with the fact that the famous company has a Windows Store, which it actually considers appropriate. 
I believe Microsoft has every right to operate a PC app store, and to curate it how they choose," he claimed.
Sweeney also claimed that most likely Microsoft will continue to improve its UWP, meaning that non-UWP apps will be neglected and this could force developers to have no other choice than accept all the rules that Microsoft wants to impose.

Well, this fear has not been expressed now for the first time, so it is important to be mentioned that Valve founder, Gabe Newell, also made such claims.

Well, it appears that Sweeney also has a solution to the problem which he shared. He thinks that what Microsoft should do is being more open. Sweeney claimed that Microsoft should allow UWP applications to simply be download from the web or purchased from Steam or GOG.

Sweeney said that if this will not happen, the only thing that will occur is the PC gaming industry would found itself forced to follow Microsoft's lead. Otherwise, they could just be left behind.
 Unless Microsoft changes course, all of the independent companies comprising the PC ecosystem have a decision to make: to oppose this, or cede control of their existing customer relationships and commerce to Microsoft's exclusive control," Sweeney said.
Of course, Microsoft responded and denied the claims. Microsoft clarified that its UWP is a "fully open ecosystem," adding that it can be easily available to every developer and store.
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