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Peeple App will soon go live

Peeple App will soon go live
Peeple is known as a controversial people-rating application and it will soon be live. This new application will allow users to rate and review other people.

Julia Cordray, Peeple's founder, built her career by helping recruit people for jobs. Now, she decided to create an app that will help people manage their online reputation and give recommendations about their character. This is an interesting thing, but she forgot a single detail.

We are talking about people’s feedback and what they think about this new app. Unfortunately, the feedback was not happy at all, because after hearing about the app idea, several headlines across the Internet named this app creepy, terrifying and bully-inspiring app.

However, the company is trying to present this app as a positive image, offering anti-bullying features and settings. This means that users will be able to hide unwanted recommendations, but there are still valid concerns about Peeple. Rumors are claiming that the company is planning to profit by selling access to hidden negative reviews saved on its platform.

"If you Google my name you can easily see why social media isn't a safe place to manage your reputation," has declared Cordray after announcing the app idea in October 2015. 

Even if the app will be free on iPhones, there are still some questions about this app and if it is a good idea.

Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough are both non-technical founders who came up with the app idea and presented it to Y Media Labs. To be added that Peeple app is also described as a “Yelp for humans.”

Using this app will be really easy and everyone will be able to sign up and leave reviews of anyone they know, from bosses to co-workers, friends and even local service pros.

Nicole McCullough has declared that she was inspired to create Peeple app to check out people, babysitters, neighbors, contractors and many others. However, Peeple will not be the only app that offers such kind of services, because Yelp, Google’s business reviews, Angie’s List and ZocDoc, are existing for some time.

The only difference between Peeple and other apps is that it wants to venture into the personal space, as well.

It is a mystery if the founders were aware about how people will react when they hear about this idea, or if they were intelligently planning this, believing that all publicity is good publicity. This way, Peeple founders encouraged viral discussions about the service.

However, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough declared that they received a lot of complaints and concerns about the potential of threats, cruel bullying and other things that could take place on their platform.

So, Peeple declared that it made several changes to solve these concerns and also allow users to have full control over what goes on their profile. This way, the app offers users the ability to deactivate their profile and many other functions. Peeple app will be live on the iOS App Store in a couple of days and we are curious about the number of people who will sign up on the app.
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