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The new Master & Dynamic MW60

Master & Dynamic is not a well-known company on the market, but customers should know that this firm has released the MH40 over-ear headphone. That model was one of the best on the market at time of its release.

These days, Master & Dynamic has released a new model, which is called MW60. This new headphone is available at the price of 549 dollars, which is pretty expensive. Master & Dynamic MW60 is well-designed, it looks pretty great and is well built with metal parts, folding hinges and leather trim.

Moreover, the new model is very comfortable, weighing 12.2 pounds. The touch of the lambskin that covers the earcups offers a pretty good feeling and it definitely looks like a premium headphone. The battery life is decent, offering approximately 16 hours of usage and maintains a consistent wireless connection.

The company has declared that the range of the headphone’s Bluetooth is four times the range of a typical Bluetooth headphone. They are not lying, because this headphone offers extended range, beyond the typical 33 feet distance. As for performance, it sounds pretty good. The previous MH40 model offered a good quality sound with good bass, but the new MW60 doesn’t disappoint either.

The new model offers a clean and fair sound, with plenty of bass that manages to remain pretty tight.

However, the new Master & Dynamic MW60 also has some downsides. Its first flaw is the price, which is very high. Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless costs less than MW60 and offers some extras, for example the noise-canceling is more comfortable and has a better sound.

Moreover, probably customers will not be tempted to buy a 549 dollars headphone, when there are many other models on the market with a cheaper price and offering some great features, as well as a good sound. To be added that famous companies and companies with a rich tradition behind have some new models under 500 dollars that are very attractive, well-built and with a rich sound.

However, this doesn’t mean that the new Master & Dynamic MW60 is a bad model. Not at all. This new model is a premium headphone, with a solid build, attractive design and good features. Thus, if its price will fall under 500 dollars, it will be a great attraction on the market and a tough competitor.

Unfortunately, its release price is 549 dollars, which is probably too much for many customers. Master & Dynamic MW60 sounds pretty good through Bluetooth connection, and if people are wondering how it sounds on wired mode, well, it actually sounds pretty good. It is very similar to the MH40, but there are many other wired headphones at this price range that make a good job and offer mode transparency.

As a headset, Master & Dynamic MW60 works pretty well, but it doesn’t have dual mics, which is not great. The benefit of having dual mics is reducing the ambient noise and allowing users to hear their own voice in the headphones.

In the end, the new Master & Dynamic MW60 is can be a great product, but the price may turn out to be too high.
The new Master & Dynamic MW60 Reviewed by Anette Keyne on 10:38 AM Rating: 5
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