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The new Xiaomi Mi 5 is ready to challenge Samsung Galaxy S7

Xioami is coming with a new offer on the market. We are talking about the new Xiaomi Mi 5, which turns out to be incredible.

Xiaomi’s new flagship phone doesn’t cost very much, especially compared with the new Samsung Galaxy S7. The best thing about this phone is that even if it comes with a much lower price, the company didn’t compromise the device's most important features.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is very powerful, fast, it has a good camera and many other attractive specs. Customers were probably very happy when they found out that this phone comes with two SIM card slots, which is very useful. Unfortunately, compared with Samsung Galaxy S7, this new device doesn’t come with a waterproof feature, but we should not forget the fact that it is half the price.

Xiaomi Mi5 only sells this phone to people in India and China

It is too bad that Xiaomi only sells this phone to people in India and China, because other regions would definitely want to use a handset like this. 

An important fact is that the new Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t come in just one option. Actually, this phone comes with five models and the difference lies mostly in the hardware specs.

The most attractive version and also the most powerful one is the Mi 5 Pro, which comes with the highest-end parts and a beautiful design with ceramic rear instead of contoured glass.

The flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 is a very attractive model, with a curved backing, a ceramic or glass finish and offers a premium feel. It also features rounded rear that makes it very comfortable in hand.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Features

To be added that Xiaomi Mi 5 is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S7, but has a larger 5.15-inch full-HD display. The screen is very responsive, bright and has a built-in feature adjusted that makes it readable even in bright outdoors.

As for the 16-megapixel rear camera, it makes incredible photos, even if it is not as good as Galaxy S7's. However, it makes beautifully bright pictures in good lighting.

With the purpose to maintain the cost low, Xiaomi Mi 5 is coming with an older processor, but customers could also receive the newest chip on the Pro model.

Three of the Xiaomi Mi 5 models come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. As for operating system, Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest OS from Google. We know that Xiaomi also updates its interface, adding occasional feature enhancements and security fixes. Xiaomi’s interface is called MIUI.

As for battery life, it is decent, featuring a 3,000mAh battery. To be added that Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which will help to supercharge the battery, going from low to 90 percent in an hour. Compared with LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t come with an always-on display, but it is not a huge lack, because most users are accustomed to tap the power or home button to turn on the screen.
So, Xiaomi Mi 5 is a very good phone with a low and attractive price.
The new Xiaomi Mi 5 is ready to challenge Samsung Galaxy S7 Reviewed by John Colston on 4:12 PM Rating: 5
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