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What to expect from Apple's 2016 Event

What to expect from Apple's 2016 Event

Apple’s upcoming event will be taking place on March 21st. Everyone is waiting to find out what devices the famous company will release at this point.

There are numerous rumors on the market saying that Apple will release a new iPad, a new iPhone and probably a new Apple Watch. To be added that at Apple’s last event, held six months ago, the company has announced the iPad Pro, the iPhone 6S and an expansion of Apple Watch designs.

Moreover, the company has also announced new updates to the iOS. This month, there were several photos wandering around the Internet with all these devices, but smaller. So, there is speculation that Apple will unveil a smaller iPad Pro, a new 4-inch iPhone and probably additional Watch bands. Most likely, Apple will also release an update to the iOS 9.

So, Apple will probably release a smaller iPhone and everyone is wondering if this is a good thing, or customers will not be attracted by such a design. It is true that nowadays, customers are drawn to phones with larger screens. However, Apple will make an exception and it will probably release a smaller phone. Multiple analysts have declared that Apple has been focusing on a new 4-inch iPhone, which is the first of its kind since the iPhone 5S, released in 2013.

Even if it will come in a smaller size, the 4-inch iPhone will not be a cheap or a low-end device. This new phone will be a mix between iPhone 6 and 6S, but in the body of an iPhone 5. This means that customers will not be forced to sacrifice performance or power by choosing an out-of-date phone.

As for the iPad, rumors are claiming that Apple will release a smaller tablet. It is expected for the famous company to introduce a new 9.7-inch iPad, which will be part of the iPad Pro line. So, being under the iPad Pro line, this new tablet will have similar features with other iPad Pro devices. This means that the new 9.7-inch iPad will come with stylus support, four speakers, a faster processor, 128GB storage capacity and additional RAM.

However, the biggest attraction will probably be the connector situated on its side for attaching a keyboard case. Without a doubt, customers will be thrilled to find out what new features this tablet will have. One thing is sure though, people are willing to have a much powerful iPad than the previous Pro line devices.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, people are expecting to see a new model. Unfortunately, there aren’t any rumors about Apple releasing a new Watch. However, since it is only a year since the Apple Watch launch, the company is willing to update it with some new bands.

So, Apple is believed to be planning to release new color options and probably some new bands made out of new materials in partnership with famous high-fashion brands. Alongside these new devices, Apple is expected to make a small update to watchOS, version 2.2. With this new watchOS update, Apple will most likely include a new version of Apple Maps and many others.
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