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What would Mark Zuckerberg do as Twitter's CEO?

Mark Zuckerberg is without a doubt a very successful businessman. His company is worth billions and Mark Zuckerberg is able to develop new ideas to enhance Facebook's success constantly.

Of course, this huge success that Facebook is enjoying does not mean that the social network is the only company on the market. Of course, the biggest rival that Facebook has is Twitter.

However, despite the rivalry between the two companies, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg has some advices he would like to share with Twitter.

These advices came after Mark was asked by someone at a town hall Q&A session in Berlin what he would do if he were the CEO of Twitter.
Considering the current state of Twitter, if you were its CEO, what would you do right now?" the question said. 

Initially, Mark refused to answer this question and said that he did not know.
Um, let me say….I have no idea what to say to that…without getting myself in a lot of trouble," Mark said. 

Still, he answered in a way by talking about the huge success of Facebook and also the amazing growth of Instagram, which has become widely popular, having over 400 million users.

In fact, it seems that Mark considered Instagram to be quite similar to Twitter, a place where people are able to see what public figures have been doing lately. Instagram has managed to beat Twitter when it comes to number of users, as the latter has only 320 million users at the moment.

Twitter has, in the most recent years, mostly stayed in the shadow of Facebook, which managed to get all the attention from users from all around the world. However, things have not looked great for Twitter in the most recent months, when the company has suffered a decrease in growth.

"Giving people tools to be able to share what they care about, and follow those things, I actually think has contributed to a large degree in the growth of Instagram," Mark continued to say.
And I think it has historically to the growth of Twitter too and I think there’s probably more that they could do there," he added.

Well, during his appearance, Mark Zuckerberg also claimed that the future of social media might actually be linked to live broadcasting.

The CEO of Facebook claimed that this is the next big development in the relationship between public people and their followers and Facebook has already introduced this feature for iOS users and has recently claimed that it planned on expanding it for Android users, as well.

Twitter has also showed interest in this, buying Periscope, a live-streaming app. And it seems that Mark believes its success could be influenced by the way in which Twitter will be able to use that.

"‘Live’ is going to be an awesome thing for public figures… imagine your favorite public figure or politician having the power to broadcast from their pocket, go live, have an audience of thousands of people," Facebook's CEO said. "I think you’re going to see a lot of that on Instagram and Facebook, and if the Twitter folks do a good job, I think you’ll see a lot more of that on Twitter too," he concluded.
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