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What’s new on Apple iPhone SE?

What’s new on Apple iPhone SE

Without a doubt that Apple iPhone SE is for those who don’t like big phones. Compared with iPhone 6 Plus, the new Apple iPhone SE is much smaller, but it has approximately the same specs under the hood.
We must say that iPhone 5 was considered to be the most comfortable phone made by Apple. That version came with a larger screen than its predecessors and fitted perfectly in hand and pocket. The new Apple iPhone SE can be compared with an old iPhone, but it is not boring at all.

Apple iPhone SE Specs

Of course, this new model is not a phone to show off, but it has nearly all of the same upgraded specs as a high-end 2015 iPhone, like 6S and 6S Plus. However, these high-end specs are hidden under a body that is identical to the old iPhone 5S.

To be added that the Apple iPhone SE is not the new iPhone that everyone has been waiting to see. Actually, the new iPhone 7 will probably arrive later on this year. This new device is a Special Edition, in fact a small edition, and can be considered an iPhone 6S Mini.

However, the incredible achievement for Apple is that it managed to make all three phone sizes run equally well. Now, customers are having the opportunity to choose between iPhone 6S Plus, which is a large edition, iPhone 6S, medium and iPhone SE, small edition.

The new Apple iPhone SE is available at the price of 399 dollars for the 16GB model and an extra 100 dollars for the 64GB version. This phone is dedicated to iPhone users who are still using the smaller screen iPhones, like 5S and earlier.

Apple iPhone SE

So, this is a good opportunity for them to upgrade to a new phone, at the same size but with more powerful specs. When customers are making a decision, it all comes to the screen size, because some people don’t like bigger screens, while others don’t like smaller screens.

So, it is great to know that Apple is offering a large variety of models so that everyone is happy.

So, as it was mentioned earlier, the new Apple iPhone SE features iPhone 6S’s specs in a 5S body.

Despite the smaller size, Apple iPhone SE is a powerful phone with incredible specs. This new phone comes with a 4-inch display, featuring 1136x640-pixels screen resolution, A9 processor, accompanied by 2GB of Ram and a 12-megapixel rear camera, with 4K video recording capability. Moreover, it has a Touch ID feature, Always-on Siri, M9 motion coprocessor for fitness tracking and Apple Pay.

As for battery life, Apple has declared that this new model’s battery is better than the iPhone 6S’s. This means longer Web-browsing time and video playback. The design is still attractive and especially easier to hold than the newer models.

Even if people are hoping that iPhones will receive bigger screens, it is important to know that they aren’t for everyone. It doesn’t matter if someone buys a large of small model, all that matters is to suit his needs.
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