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YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV are in T-Mobile’s “Binge On”

YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV are in T-Mobile’s “Binge On”

T-Mobile has declared that Google Play Movie & TV and YouTube are now participating in its “Binge On” program. This means that T-Mobile users will now be able to watch a variety of services without consuming users’ data plans.

Binge On is a program that offers access to videos from more than 40 video services, including HBO Go, Netflix, Vevo, Showtime, ESPN and Hulu, but it will be delivering the content at lower quality.

First, YouTube, the video streaming service owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc., wasn’t part of the Binge On and complained that T-Mobile’s program reduces the quality of all videos. These days, it seems that Google has changed its mind, because T-Mobile has declared that YouTube has agreed to join its video stream.

However, YouTube has decided to join Binge On with one condition: to manage itself the resolution of its video stream instead of relying on T-Mobile to do so.

“Demand for mobile video is skyrocketing,” has declared John Legere, T-Mobile's Chief Executive.

However, since T-Mobile has launched the Binge On program, customers are watching twice as many hours a day of streaming video. Moreover, the company has also added its first adult content provider to its program. We are talking about MiKandi, which is an app store for adult content and runs on the Android mobile operating system. It seems that this app was blocked by the app stores of Google and Apple, but a T-Mobile spokesman has declared that

“Binge On is open to any legal video provider that meets the tech requirements.”

Alongside Google Play’s participation in the program, T-Mobile also declared that other services have joined, including Discovery Go, Baeble Music, FilmOn.TV, ESNE TV, KlowdTV, Fox Business and Red Bull TV. This means that Binge On homes more than 50 video services.

In a blog post, YouTube has declared that it raised a high number of complaints related to Binge On over issues for both video providers and customers that T-Mobile has addressed. YouTube is pointing out that there are concerns about the ability of video providers to opt out of the program if they wish, but also on users’ ability to turn on and off the service. YouTube also thinks that changes “can help ensure that the program works well for all users and the entire video ecosystem.”

To be added that there are other comments regarding T-Mobile’s Binge on service. Some critics have suggested that this service can be considered a violation of net neutrality rules that require that all Internet data should be treated equally.

As a response, T-Mobile has declared that its service is open to all video providers that meet its basic technical requirements. In a Twitter post, John Legere, has declared that bigger rivals like Verizon and AT&T have delivered Netflix’s content at a resolution lower than Binge On's.

Spokespeople for both Verizon and AT&T have instantly reacted. Fletcher Cook, AT&T spokesman has declared that “We do not reduce the resolution of any video on our network,” while Jeffrey Nelson, Verizon spokesman, said it was just “a dopey claim.”
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