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A new browser called Vivaldi hits 1.0 version

Finally, Vivaldi browser is hitting its 1.0 release. After approximately a year of beta releases and public alpha, Vivaldi has reached its 1.0 version and promises more customizable functionality and faster performance for the Internet’s power users. 

This new browser was founded by Jon von Tetzchner, Opera's co-founder and former CEO. He said that Vivaldi is dedicated to power users, offering a large variety of features. 

For example, Vivaldi offers customizable keyboard shortcuts, support for mouse gestures, an optional command line-like interface, plenty of customization options and tab stacks. Another interesting thing about this new browser is that it uses Google’s Blink engine and allows people to use Chrome extensions. 

Vivaldi, An advanced browser made with the power user in mind
Even if Vivaldi hit 1.0 just now, in the last couple of releases, the team mostly focused on polish and getting ready for the 1.0 version. Jon von Tetzchner has declared that his team feels that Vivaldi is very stable and feature-complete enough for a 1.0 release. 

We’ve been very happy with the response so far,” von Tetzchner declared. 
It’s been great to see a lot of people are liking what we’re doing and that we’re providing something that people want,” he added. 

However, he also admitted that the team has struggled a little bit to find the right direction and to build the right libraries and tools to make the perfect browser. 

Even if Vivaldi browser is now a 1.0 version, Jon von Tetzchner admitted that this browser has some missing features that he hopes to be added soon. 

For example, Jon von Tetzchner promised to build a mail client into the browser, just like what Opera used to offer. However, the team decided that the mail client would not be ready for the 1.0 release. 

Building a mail client isn’t trivial,” Jon von Tetzchner said. 

He also noted that this browser will have, starting from now on, more engineers to work on the problem. However, other things that are missing from the release, are the ability to sync bookmarks and extensions. These features are also on the roadmap and will come soon. 

These features are also very important once the team launches mobile versions of Vivaldi. So, people who haven’t tried this browser yet, should probably keep in mind that now is the best time to give it a spin. 

Vivaldi browser is more stable now and it definitely became a big competitor for other important browsers, like Mozilla, Chrome and even Opera. Quick commands and tab stacking features will be a huge attraction for users.

To be added that Vivaldi browser has its headquarters in Oslo, but also has offices in Palo Alto in California, Gloucester in Massachusetts and Reykjavik. Just like Chrome, this new browser is built off the open-source web browser project Chromium and it will receive major updates every six weeks. 

However, its creators also declared that smaller improvements will be coming constantly. As we know, Vivaldi’s creator, has also been a CEO at Opera browser. 

With Opera, there was constant tension between shareholders and leadership, which made it hard to get anything done,” Jon von Tetzchner said. 
In 2010 he stepped down as CEO at Opera and left the company a year later. 
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