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Introducing Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

As Amazon Echo smart speaker has a huge success on the market and is increasingly growing, the giant company is now coming with a new offer. We are talking about the new Amazon Echo Dot. This pocked-shaped device is the same as the original Echo, but without the speaker.

So, basically, the new Amazon Echo Dot is just the top bit of the old Echo.

What is the result? 

 Amazon Echo Dot review Amazon's Echo Dot is a tiny box with a big brain that keeps getting smarter
Well, we have a smart gadget, with the same virtual assistant, Alexa, a nice pocked-shape and a smaller price.

What about the speaker? 
Amazon has thought about that too, and offer users the possibility to connect the device to their own set of speakers, giving a better audio quality.

The new Amazon Echo Dot is available at the price of 90 dollars, which is a much better price compared with the previous version. Unfortunately, at the moment, Amazon Echo Dot is not available outside the US, but Amazon declared that soon they will offer full shipping to anyone interested in making the purchase.

The new Amazon Echo Dot is amazing, especially if users want a good audio setup. Just as the name says, Amazon Echo Dot comes in a smaller version, but has the same capabilities as last year’s version.

This means that this device has the similar corresponding LED lights and volume controls situated on top, the ring of far-field microphones is also there, but it also homes a Wi-Fi connectivity and radios for Bluetooth. Just like the previous version, Echo Dot is always on and always at users’ needs.

So, this new device has the same capabilities and can do anything and everything its older model can do. As we mentioned earlier, Amazon Echo Dot doesn’t have a speaker, so if users will not connect it to an audio setup, there will be no sound.

However, the option that users have to connect their own speaker is a great plus, because many people have asked Amazon to add this feature.

Moreover, the speakers that where attached on the Echo Dot sound very full and loud. This means that the speakers are loud enough to fill a room. Amazon also declared that Echo Dot has the potential to replace a potential alarm clock.

Users just have to ask Alexa to wake them up each morning at a specific hour and she’ll be happy to do it. Moreover, once Alexa wakes them up, she also reads the morning headlines and turns the thermostat on, upon request.

Of course, these options could be turned off by users if they don’t want them.

However, Alexa can do a large variety of things, for example, music streaming from Amazon Prime, Spotify or Pandora, audiobook playback from Kindle Store, Internet radio and podcasts from TuneIn, Weather and traffic reports, shopping and to-do list managements with optional voice purchases, alarm and timer functionalities, and many others.

So, the new Amazon Echo Dot is very helpful and offers a larger variety of features. With its small size, this new device looks great in any room.
Introducing Echo Dot and Amazon Tap Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4/13/2016 02:50:00 PM Rating: 5

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