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iPhone Rumors: the iPhone 7 will be Slimmer

Apple's devices and mostly Apple's iPhones are always associated to a series of rumors. Of course, the upcoming iPhone 7 could make no exception, new rumors indicating that this device would actually be slimmer than the iPhone 6S.

This would mean that the iPhone 7 would be the thinnest smartphone that Apple has ever released on the market.

The release of iPhone 7 has not been confirmed by Apple, but it has been rumored that the device will be coming in September. Of course, various rumors have been linked to the upcoming device, with the most recent ones saying that Apple will launch an iPhone model that will be between 6 mm and 6.5 mm thick.

Without a doubt, this would be an interesting evolution from the iPhone 6s, which is 7.1 mm thick. Apple is rumored to release both an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus.
iPhone 7 rumors release date features price and design

Of course, some speculation has been made on how Apple will be able to release a device as thin as it has been claimed. Well, some analysts seem to believe that the tech company will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

This would mean that users will have to use the Lightning port as an audio connector. However, some have speculated that Apple will actually use a wireless headphone, meaning that it will enable this feature for users.

As imagined, each option has both advantages and disadvantages and some users may not be happy. For instance, the lighting port is used for charging the device, so this means that users would not be able to use headphones and charging features at the same time.

On the other hand, when it comes to the wireless option, some have said that it would not be able to provide the best sound quality.

Well, another thing that has been rumored about the upcoming iPhone is that it will come with a better battery life.

Some rumors have indicated that Apple has found a way, which has not been disclosed, to insert a bigger battery into its iPhone 7, without having to change its size or its design.

This could mean that a bigger battery life would not necessarily suppose a bigger phone.
As imagined, Apple made absolutely no announcements regarding the iPhone 7. In the absence of a confirmation, the rumors will surely keep on continuing.

Furthermore, it has been claimed that Apple also plans on releasing the second generation Apple Watch. There are different rumors saying that the release will be made in June or in September.

Some rumors have claimed that this will be just a minor update and the device will not bring major design changes. In terms of components and performance, the Apple Watch 2 is also said to bring few additions. The predictions were made by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who commonly manages to be very accurate with regards to his comments regarding Apple's devices.

At its latest event, Apple made absolutely no reference to the Apple Watch, which made rumors say that the device will be released very soon.
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