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Judge Orders Apple to Help the FBI

A Boston federal judge has ordered Apple to help the FBI in the latest evolution in a major battle over privacy between the tech company and US authorities. A court filing made public on Friday indicated that the judge asked Apple to offer the FBI the needed help to unlock the iPhone of a suspect, earlier this year. 

The ruling, by US Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler, indicated that Apple should offer "reasonable technical assistance" to authorities, which would be including "extracting data from the device, copying the data from the device onto an external hard drive ... and/or providing the FBI with the suspect Personal Identification Number so that access can be gained." 

To the extent that data on the device is encrypted, Apple may provide a copy of the encrypted data to law enforcement but Apple is not required to attempt to decrypt, or otherwise enable law enforcement’s attempts to access any encrypted data," an order written by the judge went on to add. 

Apple has to work with FBI
So, what the judge claimed is that Apple should decrypt the information stored on the iPhone that belonged to a gang member, Desmond Crawford, needed for authorities' investigation. 

However, despite the order, Apple continued to oppose the request to help law enforcement agencies gain access to the data. 

Of course, Apple has no problem with authorities accessing the information of a suspect, but the company claims that what the FBI is seeking from it would actually undermine the security and the privacy of all Apple devices and users will be directly impacted.

Of course, this is not the only case when Apple has been demanded to provide such information. Naturally, the most debated and well-known battle between authorities and Apple involves the San Bernardino case

In this case, the government asked Apple to help it gain access to the iPhone owned by one of the attackers that killed several people in the attacks occurring in San Bernardino. Apple refused and finally authorities claimed that they found a third party able to help them, giving up the request made to Apple. 

In New York, another judge has claimed that Apple could not be forced to comply with the request made by authorities linked to the phone of a drug dealer. Of course, this means that different courts have issued different decisions in almost similar cases, in favour or against Apple.  

Furthermore, some analysts have claimed that until this decision in Brooklyn, New York, Apple has commonly cooperated with authorities on such demands. This means that the decision issued by the court could have changed the company's approach to such cases. 

Well, whether this turns out to be true or not, now it seems that Apple is determined to oppose and fight authorities' requests. 

A final decision is yet to be issued in the New York case and it is yet to see if Apple will have to help authorities, or they will find a third party to help, as it has happened in the San Bernardino case. 
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