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Ricoh Theta S is an interesting camera

Ricoh Theta S is an interesting new camera that can make all kind of images and videos. This device is dedicated especially for those who are into cameras.

Ricoh, the Japanese electronics manufacturer, is well known for printers, copiers and other office equipment. But now, it looks like the company wanted to try something new and launched a point-and-shoot camera for spherical images.

camera, Ricoh Theta S 14 megapixel camera
Ricoh Theta was first released in October 2013, but it hasn’t been very successful. However, things have changed, due to virtual-reality headsets and other 360-degree video and photo capture devices.

So, this means that Ricoh saw first a category developing well before huge companies like Samsung and Nikon. These companies are only at their first 360-degeree cameras launch, while Ricoh has launched its third camera, called Theta S.

As for design, it hasn’t changed much compared with the first model lunched in 2013. The new Ricoh Theta S is using two ultrawide-angle lenses to capture a fully spherical image.

However, compared with the previous model, the new Ricoh Theta S also comes with twin f2.0 lenses with folded optics allowing a longer optical path.

Ricoh managed to keep the body of the camera really slim and small and still made room for two 12-megapixel,1/2.3-inch image sensors that combine to output 14-megapixel spherical images. Yes, this is a huge accomplishment for the company, but also a big effort.

Another good thing about Ricoh Theta S is that it is able to record spherical video with stereo sound in full HD at 30 frames per second. The company claims that the video recording can go up to 25 minutes.

The video recording resolution is 1,920x960 pixels. So, it looks like it comes with serious features that will turn out to be a huge attraction for the market. Moreover, the design is very attractive even if it was made for comfort and futures a simple look.

The lenses situated on the camera are very exposed, meaning that when it is not in use, users will have to carefully deposit it into a pouch to keep it scratch-free.

The body of the camera is sealed-up, which means that users won't be able to replace the battery or increase storage.

However, the new Ricoh Theta S comes with 8GB of storage that could hold up approximately 1,600 photos or about an hour of video at full resolution.

As for battery life, it is hard to say, because it depends on how much the device is used. However, the company claims that the battery can go up to 260 photos with Wi-Fi on. To be added that after every shot taken the photo is transferred to a mobile device every 30 seconds.

So, with the new Ricoh Theta S, taking photos or making videos couldn’t be simpler. Users will just have to turn the camera on with a button situated on the side and press the shutter release. Every image and video will be transferred on the smartphone.
Ricoh Theta S is an interesting camera Reviewed by John Colston on 4/17/2016 03:24:00 PM Rating: 5

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