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Siri can offer Support to Abuse Victims

It seems that Siri will be coming with some new capabilities, the famous virtual assistant of Apple actually providing users answers and support when it comes to suicide questions, as well as abuse related issues.

So, it has just been revealed that Apple decided to update its digital assistant with the purpose to provide more useful advice when it comes to questions about rape, suicide, as well as abuse.

It appears that with this update, Apple has actually decided to address an issue that numerous medical professionals have risen.

 So, Siri, as well as virtual assistants from Google, Samsung and Microsoft, have previously been accused of providing inconsistent, as well as incomplete responses to questions related to such sensitive issues.

For instance, it has previously been claimed in a study published by the JAMA Internal Medicine that although Siri answered in a respectful manner to questions related to depression, it failed to also provide helpful answers.

For instance, Siri was criticised for failing to refer the user to a helpline. The report indicated that for virtual assistants to be helpful in such situations, it would be important for them to "substantially improve."

Apple has listened to these demands and the tech company updated Siri to now be able to respond to such questions with a web link to the National Sexual Assault Hotline, which is actually an organization dedicated to help people who have been victims of sexual abuse or of assault.

Apple confirmed the update to the media and actually the company claimed that it was rolled out on March 17.

Furthermore, some reports indicated that Apple even went to ask for help from the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), to get the needed insights and assistance to develop new answers to the questions that users in sensitive situations could ask. The vice president for victim services of RAINN confirmed this for ABC News.
We both agreed that this would be an ongoing process and collaboration," Jennifer Marsh stated. 
Marsh also clarified that from now on, Siri will be using a more soft language, for instance changing the phrase to "You may want to reach out to someone," considered to have a more positive impact on individuals, than "You should reached out to someone," previously used.

Well, that may not be all that will be added to Siri at this point. So, baseball fans also received some good news.

They will also get some Siri upgrades, as Apple's virtual assistant is now able to answer questions about baseball related statistics, as well as historical information from the history of this sport. Siri knowns data for thousands of MLB players, with a total of 28 leagues being supported.

Without a doubt, Siri came with some interesting updates at this point, although it remains uncertain how users will receive them.

Definitely, the improvements could receive some appreciation and their release is not curious at all, as Apple constantly finds ways to improve its services and the experience of its users.
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