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SoundCloud Go comes as an answer to rival Spotify

SoundCloud is probably one of the most used apps when it comes to free music. This app is considered to be the “YouTube for audio” mostly because it homes millions of user-generated music and spoken-word tracks.

These tracks have been uploaded by approximately 12 million creators and listened by 175 million monthly users, globally.

But, these days, the Berlin-based startup is coming with a new subscription service that will probably entirely change this service. With this new subscription service, SoundClound will be a huge competitor for other streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.
SoundCloud Go vs with Spotify and Apple Music

The new subscription service is called SoundCloud Go and will be launched first in the U.S. This streaming service will offer approximately 125 million tracks including premium licensed content on demand. SoundCloud Go will first start in the U.S at the price of 9.99 dollars per month.

These deals are very special. They’re bespoke in nature and they allow us to do some pretty cool things.

We’re going to have over 125m tracks on the platform– a lot of emerging and indie artists, major artists and also DJs, remixers and mash-ups – and another bunch of millions of tracks coming straight from the major labels,” has declared SoundCloud’s co-founder, Eric Wahlforss, in an interview for the Guardian

So, these are SoundCloud’s first licensing deals, because until now the service was free. The free service has relied on “safe harbour” legislation, but promised to remove copyrighted tracks if notified by their rights holders. 

However, SoundCloud has been under pressure to agree licensing deals for a paid subscription service. BPI, IFBI and RIAA have often criticized SoundCloud because of the way they managed to grow without licenses.

But, now, with the new subscription service, Wahlforss has declared that SoundCloud will definitely stand out due to its combination of rare unreleased music and popular tracks.
You’ll get an emerging artist that just started making music a year or two ago and now has traction on SoundCloud, next to Adele, next to John Lennon, next to an hour-long DJ set, next to a mash-up – all of that in one place,” Eric Wahlforss declared.

To be added that SoundCloud Go will be more expensive on iOS devices, being available at the price of 12,99 dollars a month. The price will be bigger because of Apple’s 30% share of in-app purchases.

However, SoundCloud Go will also offer offline listening and store track options. Moreover, labels will also have to option to decide whether to make their music available on the SoundCloud’s free service, too.

"Before, you'd have to use two or three services to get all the tracks into different playlists,” Alex Ljung, SoundCloud's CEO, has declared.
It feels very different when you can have one playlist with everything you want, whether it's back catalog Drake or a beef track he just recorded," he added. 

SoundCloud has been on the market for approximately 9 years, and it is not profitable yet. The company has high hopes linked to the streaming service option, but the streaming industry is a hard place to be in. 
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