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The new LG G5 joins the trend of 4K video streaming

LG has released its new device, called the G5. If other LG phones didn’t stand out with sophisticated features, well this new device has something interesting for users.

With the new LG G5, users will be able to swap out some parts, an innovation that no other company has gotten so far.

However, this new feature is a big risk for the company, because probably customers will not receive this idea so well.

Well, because swapping out parts from the phone means that users will have to turn off their smartphone each time, plus there are not so many models available right now to make this truly captivating.

To be added, that at the moment, LG is selling just two components, which are not as interesting as they could be. But, if LG will come with more inspired modules and probably more partners on board with cooler add-ons, then yes, the new phone could probably have a huge success.

However, the new LG G5 is not all about bad news. 

LG G5 specs news and features
Forgetting about modules, this new device is an incredible handset, with a removable battery, which nowadays is quite a rarity. LG G5 comes with an aluminum build and feels pretty great in hand.

Moreover, it has two cameras situated on its back, which are a pleasure to use. Unfortunately, this phone is not as good as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge when it comes to battery life and processing speed.

But, when it comes to photos, the new LG G5 really does a great job. However, LG G5 also works pretty well at all the things the users need to do, like browsing the Internet and watching videos.

So, when the new LG G5 was first shown, everyone was pretty shocked, because this is the first phone with modular capabilities.

The ability to swap out and customize certain hardware parts is probably the longtime fantasy of mobile enthusiasts. Switching modular to a phone is like building a personal computer or upgrading certain components that are important to users.

For example, if users are going on a trip, they will have the possibility to swap out their mobile’s lens for macro and fisheye lens. All they have to do is to press a button situated on the left edge of the device.

The bottom of the phone will pop out and users will be able to pull the attachment of the battery, switch the battery into the new module and push it all back together.

Because the battery is attached to this module, the phone will have to be turned off every time users make a switch. This is probably the huge minus that this phone has.

Even if this isn’t a huge deal, it takes time to turn on the phone after a switch. One of these modules is called Cam Plus.

This is a camera grip that comes with a physical shutter button to capture and record video, and a zooming wheel. Moreover, it also features a built-in battery, which can be used for extra juice. 
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