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What to expect from Facebook at F8?

These days, everybody is very interested to know what Facebook’s plans are for the future. As we already know, the social network is preparing to launch Chatbox, which could replace 1-800 numbers. 

These bots will be integrated on Messenger and the release is as interesting as possible.
However, there is a problem, because not all business have the technical skills or resources to build chatbots themselves. 

So, there are rumors that Facebook is planning to provide developers with API tools to build chatbots, but also Live Chat web plug-ins for business clients. These tools will be announced at F8 conference

This annual conference will be held next week, when Facebook will probably also announce other new interesting features. However, this is the second consecutive year when the giant social network is highlighting Messenger at F8. This is a good thing, because it means that the Messenger app is highly growing inside the company. 

As a reminder, last year, Facebook opened its messaging app to outside developers, including makers of video and photo editing apps. Moreover, Facebook also opened Messenger to businesses such as Zulily and Everlane, which use it to file customer questions. So, this year, probably the most important and awaited announcement is the integration of Bots on Messenger. 

As we already know, there have been a lot of rumors and buzz in the last few days around support for chatbots within Messenger. However, integrating bot technology into Facebook Messenger is not a huge surprise, because in China this technology is already in use. As already known, bot technology will be used to develop more interactive experiences between business and customers.

Another awaited announcement at F8 will be linked to video. Of course, video is and will probably be a huge attraction and priority for Facebook in the next period. 

This means that users will most likely see some new features around 360 videos, especially because Oculus Rift will be released soon. So, without a doubt, users will have some new surprises regarding Facebook’s video support presented at this point.

Instant articles is another new feature that Facebook is trying to integrate on its platform. Rumors are claiming that the largest social network will open its Instant Articles program at F8 conference, allowing developers and publishers to have the social network natively host their content. 

This means that all kind of publishers will be able to tap into this. This new feature also comes as a response to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages program. Facebook also announced that a “few hundred publishers” already use its services. Instant Articles will definitely help users save time and quickly read articles.

Even if the annual F8 conference has the purpose to motivate developers to build tools and products for Facebook, it also has the mission to help them monetize their work. 

So, this means that at this conference there will also be a few words said about updates to the Facebook Audience Network, which has been released in 2014. Research indicates that advertisers will spend more than 54 billion dollars on native mobile ads.
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