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Amazon Releases the New Kindle Oasis

As we mentioned these days, Kindle is preparing to release its new e-ink e-reader called Kindle Oasis.

Well, the time has arrived, because Amazon has released its new device, which is very interesting and powerful, at the same time.
Every year, Amazon is trying to release the lightest, fastest and smallest e-reader on the market. Without a doubt, it managed to accomplish that, but now, Amazon also has the priciest e-reader on the market.
Amazon new Kindle Oasis e-ink e-reader one of the best on the market

The new device comes with an included protective cover, which is made of soft leather that integrates a back battery.

The new Amazon Kindle Oasis is available at the price of 290 dollars. Moreover, there is also a Wi-Fi+3G version, which is available at the price of 359 dollars. 

So, yes, the new Amazon Kindle Oasis is pretty expensive. It will be very interesting to see if customers will be willing to pay this amount of money to buy the new Kindle.

An interesting fact is that with a smaller amount of money, customers will be able to buy an iPad Mini 2 or even four entry-level Amazon Fire tablets. So, if we put it this way, we realize that the new Amazon Kindle Oasis is pretty expensive.

However, this new e-reader looks very different than other Kindles. The new Oasis was completely redesigned, featuring a more square shape.

Amazon new e- reader Kindle Oasis isavailable on the market
To be added that it measures 3.4 mm at its slimmest point and weighs approximately 131 grams. These are some incredible numbers, because it means that the new Oasis is 30 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the previous Kindle Voyage.

 It looks like Amazon has managed to pull out some incredible work with the new e-reader. Kindle Voyage is available at the price of 200 dollars and has approximately the same measurements as Paperwhite, which costs 120 dollars.

Due to its incredible and new shape, customers will probably think that the screen is smaller than the screen found on previous Kindles, but it is just an optical illusion. Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with the same 6-inch size, but it has a smaller bezel around it.

To be lighter, Amazon came up with an idea to equip the device with a “featherweight” polymer frame plated with metal structural electroplating.

Moreover, the electronics and the internal battery have been scrunched into an ergonomic hump situated on the backside of the e-reader. With this new idea, Amazon has offered a more comfortable touch for users.

Another interesting thing about this e-reader is the lighting scheme. Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a built-in front light that homes 60 percent more LEDs than Voyage. Moreover, these LEDs are situated at the side of the display and not the bottom of the display like many others.

So, the result is that the light appears a little whiter and brighter. With these new changes, the display seems to be more uniform and much more attractive. Even if it isn’t a huge upgrade, the display looks pretty good and users will definitely be delighted.
Amazon Releases the New Kindle Oasis Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 5/16/2016 02:05:00 PM Rating: 5

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