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LG Releases the 360 Virtual Reality Model

LG is coming with its new VR model, called LG 360 VR. It looks like everyone is trying to build a virtual reality headset.

So, LG is next on the list and has managed to release its first VR headset.

The new LG 360 VR is available at the price of 200 dollars, which is approximately the same price as any other VR headset on the market.

Even if the company didn’t add so many specs to its new headset, it seems that it is one of the most comfortable and easy to use VR headsets on the market. LG 360 VR can easily be compared with Samsung Gear VR, because it has approximately the same specs.

LG Releases the 360 VR - uses the processing power of the G5 to run virtual experiences

LG’s new product works similar to Samsung’s Gear VR and it uses the processing power of the G5 to run virtual experiences.

However, the only difference between LG’s model and Samsung’s Gear VR is that users not place the phone directly into the headset to use the phone’s screen as a window into virtual reality.

No, the new LG 360 VR comes with its own screen and users will have to plug the headset into the G5 via a USB-C cable.

Probably, customers will ask if the result is better. Well, yes, because in the first place, the headset is lighter and feels like a pair of safety goggles. The design is not very attractive, but not bad either.

The new LG 360 VR features a grey plastic on grey textured fabric, which doesn’t look very good. As we mentioned earlier, this device comes with its own screen.

LG Releases the 360 VR uses a Galaxy S7 screen and a pixel count of 1,280x1,440 per eye
More specific, it has two IPS displays built in, featuring a dual 960x720-pixel resolution with 693 pixels per inch. This means that the resolution is lower compared to Samsung’s Gear that uses a Galaxy S7 as its screen.
This means that with Samsung Gear VR, users will have a pixel count of 1,280x1,440 per eye.

Probably, the biggest selling point of LG 360 VR is that it is comfortable to wear. This device could be considered the most comfortable VR headset on the market.

The open design makes this VR very light. However, the open design will also allow users to take a peek at the real world, while Gear VR and HTC Vive block it out. Using the new LG 360 VR, owner will be able to easy see around the sides.

Coming with its own screen is a brave move, because the lack of a touchscreen on the headset will force users to control their way around using the phone’s screen.

Moreover, users will be able to look down to see what they are doing on the smartphone, thanks to the headset’s design. So, there will be probably a few customers who don't love this design and will go for HTC Vive or Samsung Gear S7.

However, now we have another competitor on the market and it is called LG 360 VR. It is not a surprise that LG is attacking this market, knowing that fact that it is one of the biggest companies in the world.
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