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Samsung has released a smart fridge

Smartphones and smartwatches have probably been the most intelligent devices so far. But now, a new product has the honor to wear the word “smart” in front of its name. We are talking about a smart fridge.

Yes, Samsung has released the first smart fridge on the market. It is called Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator and it is the latest boldest attempt from the Korean manufacturer.
Samsung  smart fridge - Samsung family Hub innovation

Why is it so smart? 

Because, this new fridge comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen situated on the door, plus cameras placed inside that keep watch over people’s leftovers. Without a doubt, this new fridge is the smartest and good-looking smart fridge out there.

As for the cost, the new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is available at the price of 5,600 dollars. So, with this price, Samsung’s smart fridge is the most expensive refrigerator on the market.
At the moment, Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is not available outside of the US, but the company has declared that it will go globally soon. Read all the facts about this new innovation:

However, if we think a little bit, spending almost 6,000 dollars on a fridge is crazy.
For example, Samsung RF32FMQDBSR comes with the same attractive and good-looking design, it is a four-door build, has the same “Flex Zone” situated on the bottom right, it has luxurious recessed handles and costs much less than the new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

But, what are the differences between these two fridges? 

Well, the touchscreen feature, the slick-looking black stainless steel finish and the camera situated inside it. So, customers will probably ask themselves if the 21.5-inch touchscreen is really worth the extra money.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator could be considered the fridge of the future, as with this device anyone could have in their kitchen a huge touchscreen placed on the fridge that has lots of features.
However, one thing is for sure. Samsung knows how to make fridges.

The new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a “Four-Door Flex,” with an attractive touchscreen and a dark finish cover. Without a doubt, this new refrigerator is the best good-looking product in the Family Hub Fridge line. As for the Tizen-powered touchscreen, this feature is very well organized and very eye-catching.

However, customers should not considered that Samsung has just attached a big tablet on the front of the fridge and put the 6,000 dollars price on it. No, this fridge is very well organized and the touchscreen is just an interface and has a specific purpose on the fridge.

This tablet is able to interact with the fridge and users will be able to make schedule or even listening to music. However, users will also be able to download extra apps or rearrange the apps that are already installed on the tablet.

Users can switch the home screen to default to a full-screen view and check out the latest images of the inside of the fridge or the family calendar.

By tapping the “view inside” button, users will be able to see what ingredients are inside. There is also the Samsung Smart Home app that could be installed on the phone and it is very useful, especially at the supermarket, when users want to see what ingredients they still have in the fridge.
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