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Is the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus really worthy?

As we already are used to, Apple has also released a larger version for the new iPhone 7, called the 7 Plus.

Is this new device the best out there when it comes to larger screen phones?

Let’s find out.

In the last few years, the real battle on the smartphone market has been between Apple and Samsung. These two giants have managed to split the earth in two separated pieces.

The new iPhone 7 model looks exactly like the iPhone 6, but it’s one of the most powerful and opinionated phones Apple has ever created
However, it is amazing that Apple and Samsung have shared their success in half and have managed to come with something new year after year.

During these years, Apple and Samsung have been playing Ping-Pong, for example, one year Apple had the best camera, while the next year Samsung had the better one.

But, this game has evolved to the next level lately. In 2014, Apple has been the first company that has released the large Plus phone, in which the focus has always been battery life, screen size and a small extent camera.

But, this year, Apple has decided to come with something new. Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with something new for an Apple phone.
We are talking about dual rear cameras.
It looks like that this new move makes Apple follow the footsteps of LG and Huawei. Both companies already offer dual camera models.

One is identical to the wide-angle model on the original iPhone 7, while the second one adds telephoto, plus true 2x optical zoom.

Another great thing about these new cameras is that the phone’s software fuses them, which means that users will be able to jump between the two cameras or to have them stitched together as a single image.

However, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have much in common. These two models are two variants on the same phone. Both of these incredible models are water resistant and have the same powerful A10 Fusion processor.

Unfortunately, both models lack headphone jacks. Even the battery life has been improved. The original iPhone 7 makes great performance over last year’s 6S, while 7 Plus is greater than 6S Plus. So, everything we love or hate on the new iPhone 7 will be also found on the 7 Plus.

But, customers should know that they will have to pay a premium price for the new 7 Plus, more exactly 120 dollars more at each storage capacity.

But, we must mention that Apple is not a great master when it comes to larger screen, like the 5.5-inch screen.

Apple users have always preferred to opt for the 4.7-inch models, because they are much easier to maneuver and feel better in hand. The larger models have a superior display, but they don’t feel really comfy in hands.

Samsung and other competitors on the market seem to do far better job than Apple when it comes to larger screen models.
For example, S7 Edge feels much better in hand and it is an incredible model. However, the new 7 Plus is a good model and it is finally differentiated by the small version, thanks to the new cameras.
Is the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus really worthy? Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 7:23 AM Rating: 5
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