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Apple intends to buy McLaren

On a normal day, McLaren and Apple seem to be odd to be put in the same proposition. But, this week, a strange and interesting information surfaced. It seems that Apple intends to buy the UK supercar marker, McLaren.

So, as we said, Apple is highly known as being the consumer electronics and software giant and McLaren is known as a popular supercar maker.
These two companies don’t have something in common, but it seems that Apple intends to buy it.

Why Apple wants to buy McLaren?

Apple Plans to buy McLaren
At this moment, no other information has been leaked on the internet, but we will definitely find out in a few days.

England-based McLaren is far away of being part of the mainstream auto market, having a racetrack heritage and amazing models that are priced starting with 165.000 dollars.

Moreover, this company has a rich history in Formula One, which is the most elite level of auto racing. So, this means that McLaren has as much in common with Apple as it does with standard carmakers, like General Motors.

For those who don’t know, Formula One is a technology-led circuit in which engines and chassis highly regulated and minute electronic enhancements can make the difference between finishing last and winning the race.

"Getting into McLaren would give Apple engineering and carmaking competency at the pointy end,” has declared Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, director of the Center for Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen, for Bloomberg.
 This is about gaining research and development knowledge, not about about buying a carmaker with mass-production capabilities,” he added. 

To be added that McLaren was able to make the transition from a developer of industry-leading technology to a full-scale producer of street-legal cars in approximately six years. This represents a huge achievement for any highly-known automaker.

What McLaren has right now is basically a big research center—it’s an R&D center for automobiles. You’re talking different manufacturing techniques, different material techniques,” has declared for the Wall Street Journal, Neil Cybar, an analyst for Above Avalon.
It’s not an insult to say that Apple does not have expertise in this—it is just not the equivalent of going from a Mac to an iPod to an iPhone, where they did not look outside for help, they need a lot of people who know cars, who know car manufacturing,” he added. 

At this moment, Apple already has a high number of engineers who are working in a special group called Project Titan. This auto team is separated in three main groups: one on self-driving sensors, another on mechanical hardware and the third is focused on software.

Rumors are claiming that Apple is targeting the McLaren Technology racing arm. This technology is attractive for Apple’s experience in predictive data analytics, advanced manufacturing, simulation and electronic components.

McLaren is well-known as a manufacturer of high-performance sports and racing cars, but its true expertise is in engineering lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, both of which are key building blocks to designing an innovative lightweight vehicle,” has declared Michael Harley, an analyst for Kelley Blue Book.
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