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The new iFrogz Summit Wireless headphones are cheap: How good they are?

For starters, we must say that iFrogs is a division of accessory maker Zagg. This division comes with a new line of cheap Bluetooth headphones for the holiday season.

The new iFrogz Summit Wireless are the headphones that the company hopes will bring its success.

iFrogz Summit are sport model headphones that are available at the price of 35 dollars.

Yes, they are very cheap, and they are also good-looking. 

It seems that iFrogs are aiming to raise the bar higher on the affordable Bluetooth headphone market. But that is not all, because the new iFrogz Summit Wireless also sound great, especially for this money.

They fit comfortably and securely and offer different silicon tips and wings that help lock the buds in ear while doing some activity workout, like running or biking.

Nowadays, the Bluetooth headphone market is filled with new and interesting models that offer some important features.

This kind of headphones is perfect for athletes and people who are willing do to some morning sports. Bluetooth headphones' manufactures have managed to come with a solution so that users will not be bothered by the long cable that comes from the phone or mp3 player.

So, these Bluetooth headphones are the perfect solution for perfect workouts. 

iFrogz Summit Wireless: A bargain priced wireless sports good looking headphone
Of course, this market is divided in high-end headphones and cheaper ones. Those who are looking for something more premium and are not on the budget can opt for Jaybird models, for instance.

But, those who are on the budget and just want to buy something to listen to music while doing workouts should know the new iFrogz Summit Wireless is the perfect catch.

These are noise-isolating in-ear headphones, which means that they will muffle ambient noise if users will get a tight seal.

These headphones also come with a nice signature design feature. To be added that on the inline remote, which the company calls a “wireless huge,” comes a magnetic clasp that will allow the headphones to be attached to users’ shirt.

The company claims that the battery life can go up to 10 hours at moderate volume levels. Moreover, the headphone is sweat resistant, but far from waterproof, featuring only IPX2 certification. For a better functionality, IPX5 would be preferable.

Furthermore, there is also a lot of competition on the Internet for the new iFrogz Summit. For example, customers would be able to buy on Amazon other models between 20-45 dollars. Mpow and TaoTronics are just a few models that can be considered a good deal.

But, between the new iFrogz Summit Wireless and other cheap models, there is a slight difference. Usually, cheaper models leave something to be desired in the design department, while the new iFrogz Summit Wireless are very attractive and offer that premium feeling.

So, the new iFrogz Summit Wireless offer a step up in design, even if customers are not looking at premium build quality at this price. However, this is a good thing, for a 35 dollars model to offer something new and raise the bar on the market.
The new iFrogz Summit Wireless headphones are cheap: How good they are? Reviewed by John Colston on 6:36 AM Rating: 5
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