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The new Roku Express+ comes with some new features

When it comes to streamers, Roku is the first company that comes to customers’ minds. This company has managed to build a little box that packs all kind of interesting features.

These days, the company has released the new Roku Express+. For starters, we must say that nowadays approximately everything users connect to a TV has an HDMI output.

These little connections have the ability to deliver pristine digital audio and video in a single and simple cable.

Moreover, users who have the choice should always connect their AV gear via HDMI. But, here is the tricky part. Thousands of people don’t have that choice.

These people own and watch TVs every day, some 15 years old or more, that don’t feature HDMI inputs. These people consider that their TVs are perfectly good and refuse to upgrade to a new HDTV.

Here is where the new Roku Express+ comes into play. This tiny little box is available at the price of 40 dollars. The new Roku Express+ is smaller than its own remote control, but it packs streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.

Of course, a large number of devices on the market can do the same thing, but if customers don’t buy an adapter, none of them work with analog video. So, this means that none of these devices work with analog video.

The new Roku Express+ is basically an analog-capable version of the 30 dollars Roku Express. To be added that this new device comes with the company’s best-in-class app selection, comprehensive search and simple interface.

Customers who own TVs with HDMI input should know that there are little reasons to buy the new Roku Express+. But, this device also comes with HDMI, so it is worth to buy it if you are anticipating to use it on analog outputs at some point.

For example, this new Roku Express+ is perfect for users who are going to take a trip to grandma’s house or at hotels with old TVs. The only physical difference between this new device and the standard Roku Express is that the new one comes with a little minijack port situated on the back labeled AV out.

Here, users will plug the included red, white and yellow cable that in turn gets plugged into the TV. Moreover, the new Roku Express+ also comes with a sticker that users will be able to use to affix the little box to a TV or AV cabinet. This way, users will avoid having the device dragged around by cables.

As for performance, the new Roku Express+ performs really good, similar with the standard version. Of course, the new Roku Express+ is not quick and smooth compared with the company’s 50 dollars Streaming Stick.

As we expected, the analog video connection of this new device looked much worse than the high-definition HDMI connection. This doesn’t mean that users will not be able to watch a movie in a decent way, but it doesn’t compare with a HDMI connection.
The new Roku Express+ comes with some new features Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 12:51 PM Rating: 5
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