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The new Thinksound On2 is an excellent upgrade from the previous On1

The previous Thinksound On1 was considered to be an excellent product. Those headphones have been a huge hit on the market. So, it is obvious that customers will be excited to find out that the company has released these days the new On2.

The design on the previous Thinksound On1 was very appealing and had a huge soundstage. But, people also had some tough times getting around occasional harshness in the treble. But, the company took under consideration people’s feedback while building the new On2.

So, with these new headphones, every small issue that On1 had is gone. 

For these new headphones, the company decided to deal with each of the users’ small sonic grips and maintained the headphones' gorgeous aesthetic.
Thinksound On2 Official Website 
Moreover, the company has dropped the price point by 50 dollars, making this new headphone a nearly perfect product update. The packaging of these new headphones is similar to that of their predecessor.

The new Thinksound On2 comes with a sleeved recycled case, and two detachable 3.5mm headphone cables placed inside of molded chamber. To be added that both cables measure 4.5-feet in length with gold-plated connectors and are cloth covered. Both of these cables sport an inline, single button control microphone for cell phone use.

We must say that a ¼-inch headphone adapter is not included.
It is important to know that everything found in the package fits the company’s sustainable ethos. As for design, the new Thinksound On2 are stylish and attractive.

They come with an eye-catching wooden exterior just like the one found on the previous model. But, the new model comes with a significant difference. We are talking about a small dark metal piece situated where the size-adjustment slider meets the plastic lower section of the headphones.

However, these new improvements do not modify how the new headphone looks. Moreover, the physical similarities between the two models are a good thing. Users will find a red market situated on the inner-right side of the headphone.

This will help them know which way to put them on. The cables are also tangle-free, and the company’s logos are still decently situated on the exterior of the each ear cup. So, this means that the headphones come with a very clean design and the woodgrain offers a distinctly high-end charm to the look.

The earpads found on these headphones are also very fashioned. They come with a memory foam swathed in a soft faux-leather exterior. This way, they are offering enough padding to keep the secure clamp of the design very comfortable over long listening sessions. To be added that the cups will fold up for good storage.

As for performance, the new Thinksound On2 offer a clean and good sound. These headphones sound very good for a 200 dollars on-ear model.

Like their predecessors, these headphone are extremely comfortable and the memory foam offers an excellent seal and impressive amount of silence when worn. So, without a doubt that these headphone are worth a try.
The new Thinksound On2 is an excellent upgrade from the previous On1 Reviewed by John Colston on 2:30 PM Rating: 5
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