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Beats EP On-Ear New Headphones: Good or Not?

Beats is one of the high-end manufacturers when it comes to headphones. This company makes plenty of headphones with very high prices.

But, there is also an entry-level EP headphone that comes with a surprisingly good value. We are talking about the new Beats EP. This model is available at the price of 100 dollars.

Customers will be able to find it online in the US and UK. The new Beats EP is an on-ear model that isn’t as good as other high-end models that this company has released during the years, for example the over-ear Executive or Pro models.

But, due to its reinforced metal frame, the new model is as good as other competitors on the market that come at higher prices.

To be added that the new Beats EP is available in a couple of color options, for example white, red, blue and black.
Beats ep headphones are battery-free, allowing unlimited playback with a hassle-free fixed cable.

Another great thing about this new headphone is that it comes with an iPhone-friendly in-line remote/microphone for making calls, skipping tracks forward and back, and adjusting volume.

Customers should also be aware that some remote functions may not work with Android devices, but they can use the microphone for making calls, which is good enough. Unfortunately, the flat cord is not detachable and terminates in a straight plug.

As for the design, for an on-ear headphone, the new Beats EP is very comfortable, but not as comfortable as other high-end models, for example the Bose on-ear.

However, Beats’ new model is decently cushioned and fits perfectly on head. Some customers may probably think that this headphone is a little bit snugly, and that it is not recommended for people with big heads.

The sound is very good and people will definitely be nicely surprised by its power. To be added that thanks to the tight fit, the new Beats EP offers a reasonably good passive noise isolation.

As for measurements, Beats’ new model is sturdily build and comes with a little bit of weight. More precisely, this model weighs approximately 7.0 ounces. It is not so much weight, but probably users will feel them more present on the head.

We don’t know if this new model is very suitable for running or doing other workouts, but for these kind of activities there are other models that are specially built for. However, the new Beats EP is perfect for usage while walking or sitting in the park.

But, it is important for people to know that when they are using them on the street, they should not listen at high volume in order to hear the traffic, too.

The new Beats EP comes with a bass that it is a little accentuated, but this is Beats after all. This means that this new model comes with enough bass to satisfy a low-end user, and not so much people who are looking for a more balanced sound to turn the bass off.

So, the new Beats EP is a perfect option for people who are looking for not so expensive headphones on the market.
Beats EP On-Ear New Headphones: Good or Not? Reviewed by John Colston on 6:21 PM Rating: 5
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