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HP Envy 27 AIO is an incredible all-in-one PC

It looks that all-in-one PCs have started to gain a lot of attention lately.
But, what not to like about these new devices?
They are very powerful, don’t fill lot of space, and are featuring a nice and decent design.

Today, we present you the new HP Envy 27 AIO. This nice all-in-one PC has incredible hardware and other interesting features.

But, we must mention that customers who are in search for an all-in-one PC for photo editing, gaming or watching high-quality movies, should know that the new HP Envy 27 AIO is not the perfect device.

On the other hand, customers who want general-purpose, reasonably priced Windows 10 AIO and good-looking design, are in the right place.

The new HP Envy 27 AIO delivers satisfactory performance and above-average built-in sound quality.

HP ENVY 27-p041 Signature Edition All-in-One

PROS: The 2016 update of the HP Envy AIO 27 has a really pleasing and simple design, it's easy to use and its B&O sound system is better than your average built-in sound.

CONS The bundled keyboard and mouse aren't that great, and some people might find the display a little too washed out.

This new model is not as good as the company’s recently announced model with a 34-inch curved display, but is decent and delivers a good working experience. Here are the prices. For the touchscreen model, the new HP Envy 27 AIO is available at 1.299 dollars.

This version features a 6th-generation Core i5-6400T, powered by integrated graphics and a 1TB hard drive, also accompanied by a 128GB solid-state drive. 

Moreover, customers who are in search for an even more powerful configuration, should now that there is also a 2.000 dollars version, featuring an IPS display, with 7th-generation Core i7-7700T, powered by Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M and 2TB hard drive, accompanied by 256SSD.

At testing, the new HP Envy 27 AIO didn’t really stand out, but any of these configurations come at the right money and delivers satisfactory performance. But, hard-core gamers should not go for these configurations, because they would probably be disappointed.

Moving forward, let’s talk about the sound a little bit. It is not the first time when the company works with Bang & Olufsen, which have been partners for approximately three years. The new HP Envy 27 AIO comes with four front-firing speakers, which is probably the most ambitious design to date.

This built-in sound is one of the best on the all-in-ones market. But, there are many other competitors on the market, for example the Dell XPS 27, which has incredible speakers and it is louder. As for display, we must say that it isn’t incredible, but is responsive enough as a touchscreen and is not reflective.

However, users will not notice these tiny problems, unless they compare the device side by side with other high-end competitors on the market.

Another great thing about the new HP Envy 27 AIO is that it comes with a Technicolor-certified mode. This means that it displays colors as accurately as possible. But, it is important to know that it doesn’t guarantee that it can display all the colors that people need.

This is an incredible feature for HD video streaming, but not for HDR video or photo editing. So, in the end, we must say that the new HP Envy 27 AIO is a good value, especially for models that start at 1.000 dollars.
HP Envy 27 AIO is an incredible all-in-one PC Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 11:23 AM Rating: 5
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