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Roku Ultra allows customers to keep their old receiver

As we know, every time some new home theater formats come on the market, for example 3D, 4K, high-definition, or high dynamic range, people are forced to upgrade everything associated with them.

This means that people not only need a new TV, but also have to buy a new source device, AV receiver or sound bar.

This is where the new Roku Ultra comes into play. This tiny little box is a source device that serves up the latest HDR and 4K video streams from Amazon, Netflix and any other streaming platform. 

Moreover, the new Roku Ultra allows users to keep their current audio systems intact.

What is the secret of this new feature? 

It comes with an optical digital audio output.

As we know, most of the 4K streaming devices, for example Google Chromecast Ultra, the Nvidia Shield, Roku Premiere and Premiere +, and Xiamo Mi Box, don’t come with an optical output.

But, most of today’s streaming devices pass audio via HDMI, which is a good thing in a way. To be added that this feature is handy if people are connecting it directly to the TV. But, the bad thing is that many people use an AV receiver or sound bar for switching.

The Good :The Roku Ultra can access more TV shows and movies in 4K and HDR than most rival devices.

The Bad: It's more expensive than the Roku Premiere+. Content in 4K and HDR is still uncommon, and your HDR TV probably already has compatible apps.

This means that if a new format comes on the market, people will have to change their sound bar or AV receiver in order to run it.

So, people who are already running new formats like 4K streaming options, including 4K Blu-ray players, 4K game consoles or the new smart TV systems built into the TV, and don’t have any problems, should feel free to skip the new Roku Ultra.

As we know, no other device on the market could match Roku’s selection of HDR, 4K apps and services.

Moreover, no smart TV system is as simple to use or upgrade regularly as Roku’s devices. People who don’t know what the 4K HDR streaming option is should not worry and here is the explanation.

These days, many internet video services, like Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and Vudu, have started to stream movies and TV shows in 4K resolution.

This resolution promises higher video quality than their other streams. Moreover, a couple of those services offer an even smaller amount of content in HDR. This way, they promise an even better quality, for example, higher contrast and more realistic colors.

Moreover, the HDR can also offer lower-quality streams. For example, it can access all of the thousands apps that any other Roku device can.

These are other apps like HBO Now/GO, Hulu, Sling TV and Watch ESPN that don’t offer 4K and HDR yet. So, the main question is should people buy a 4K HDR TV. Well, not particularly.

But, people who are planning on buying a new 4K HDR TV in the near future, should get the Roku Streaming Stick in purpose to save some money. Moreover, people who are already owning a 4K TV, but not HDR, should go for the Roku Premiere.
Roku Ultra allows customers to keep their old receiver Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1/24/2017 09:16:00 AM Rating: 5

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