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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: New Voice assistant: 'Bixby'

It seems that new rumors about the Galaxy S8 are starting to appear in the media. We are happy to see that Samsung has big plans with this new device, adding some interesting new features.

Samsung managed to hit the target with the previous Galaxy S7, especially when it had officially outsold the iPhone 6S and S6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Does it worth the extra money ?

Moreover, people were very excited with the release of Galaxy Note 7, which had some outstanding sales. But, as we know, Samsung also had some serious problems with the new Note model, which started to blow.

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 So, if the beginning of 2016 was very good for Samsung, the end of 2016 was not that good. This means that in 2017, Samsung will have to start from scratch and win the trust of its potential customers.

Without a doubt that everyone is curious what Samsung will add on this year’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S8.

As we already mentioned, rumors have started to spread in the media, offering interesting details about Samsung’s new device.

Moreover, Samsung’s mobile communications vice president, Lee Jae-Yon, has declared that the Galaxy S8 “features slick design and an improved camera, as well as an enhanced artificial intelligence service.” 

Media journalists have also declared that they believe that Samsung will add a new digital assistant.

Top rumors we have  heard about Samsung's Galaxy S8

  • The home button will be a little different.: Galaxy S8 won't have a physical home button.
  • There will be two models with different screen sizes.
  • Despite bigger screens, they won't be much bigger than the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
  • Both Galaxy S8 models might have curved screens, but some rumors say there will be a flat-screened model.
  • It could have a dual-lens camera.
  • The front-facing camera could potentially be the best out of any smartphone.
  • Samsung might introduce an AI voice assistant that's similar to Siri and rumors suggest it will be called “Bixby”
  • It'll likely use USB-C instead of microUSB.
  • You might be able to connect the Galaxy S8 to a monitor to use like a computer.
  • It could have two speakers from a high-end audio company.
  • You'll be able to unlock it with your eyes.
  • It'll be announced in March and released in April.

The New Galaxy S8 concept is exciting new AI Assistant
This feature is a must have one, especially because there is a total war on the market, between Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. Samsung is the only high-end manufacturer who has not released a digital assistant.

So, yes, it looks like Samsung will develop its own digital assistant for use on its new flagship device.

As far as we know, the company has trademarked the name “Bixby” for “computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computers … used to operate voice recognition system[s] … [and enable] hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition.”

Another interesting thing is that Bixby seems to be much more capable than early reports suggested.

According to rumors, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a dedicated search button that will give access to a search tool that “processes whatever the user it pointing the camera at.” 

Moreover, the new digital assistant will have the power to analyze the image that people point out, identify objects and text, and search for the objects in question.

This feature is approximately the same as Google’s app, which is known as an image-recognition platform that identifies famous landmarks and off-the-shelf products. Other rumors indicate that Bixby can be usable in almost all of the new device’s native apps that come preinstalled.

A separate leak indicates that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a USB-C port, which will be placed on the bottom of the edge, rather than in the center.

Another great thing is that Samsung will not ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, which will be present on this new device. So, yes, we are very excited to see the new Galaxy S8, and find out what other new features Samsung will add.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: New Voice assistant: 'Bixby' Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1/21/2017 04:27:00 AM Rating: 5

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