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The Barnes & Noble Nook 7 HD: Is It A good New Android Tablet?

Today we are talking about a new tablet made by an e-reader manufacturer. This time, we present you the Barnes & Noble Nook HD.

As we know, Barnes & Noble is considered to be one of the best manufacturers when it comes to e-readers.

This tablet is not the company’s first experience of building such a device. Back in time, this company has released an older tablet, called Nook Color. But, now, the manufacturer comes with a new model. In fact, Barnes & Noble has created a new category of Android tablets.

We are talking about a low-cost, paired down device with a focus on a certain kind of users. The company calls this new device the “Reader’s tablet.”
A complete review can be found on Cnet:

Barnes & Noble's 2 New Nook Tablets Take On Both Amazon and Apple

Moreover, Barnes & Noble also wanted to clarify that the company doesn’t try to compete with other big names on the market, like Samsung and Apple.

But, it is interesting to notice that other manufacturers have started to follow Barnes & Noble’s example.

So, Amazon is the other huge player on the e-reader market that has released a so-called tablet, named Fire.

But, the main question is why should people buy a not-so paired down tablet at the same exact price with other traditional tablets on the market? 

Well, it all resumes to the audience. It is not a secret that Barnes & Noble makes tablets for people who are interested in reading and love this activity.

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD is available at the price of 200 dollars for the 8GB model and 230 dollars for the 16GB version.

We must say that the Nook HD has some potential under the hood. This tablet comes with a higher resolution display than other competitors and an easy-to-use interface. Let’s talk about the design.

We must say that this tablet doesn’t come with the exact design that the company has given to the Nook Tablet and Nook color. It seems that Barnes & Noble has decided to start from scratch with this tablet.

The result? 

Well, the Barnes & Noble Nook HD comes with a lighter and holdable design. This tablet features a soft-touch back that offers a grip-friendly contour just like the one found on the Nook Simple Touch e-reader.

 To be added that the power button and the volume toggle are a little bit raised, which means that it will be much easier for users to find them without looking. The only thing that this tablet lacks is the front facing camera. This is a huge miss, because many people want to have the opportunity to video chat with friends or family members.

Moreover, we must say that the company replaced the Micro USB port found on other models with a proprietary 30-pin port for connection and charging. In the end, let’s talk about the reading experience.

It is a well-known fact that Barnes & Noble has always prioritized reading with its tablets. This means that the Nook HD comes with a 7-inch IPS screen that offers wide viewing angles, sunlight readability and an HD resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels.
The Barnes & Noble Nook 7 HD: Is It A good New Android Tablet? Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:08 PM Rating: 5
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