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The new Nvidia Shield 2017 Brings New Features to 2015 model

Nvidia is coming with a new update to its gaming console. The best thing about it? It comes with Amazon Video.

With this new feature, the Nvidia Shield can also be considered to be a good enough streamer to compete with other well-known streamers on the market, for example Roku.

But, it also costs a lot more. However, let’s not forget that the new Nvidia Shield is a gaming console. The company worked at this chapter as well.

4K HDR streaming, Google Assistant and a whole lot more

NVIDIA's new Shield TV is more of the same, with a better gamepad

The 2017 Nvidia Shield Android TV streaming box offers offers just about every must-have app, including Amazon video, and many include 4K and HDR. It's a versatile gaming platform with an improved controller.

The Nvidia Shield 2017 will cost $199, though Nvidia CEO  Jen-Hsun Huang didn't announce a release date.

This means that the new device comes with an improved controller and three different sources for games. Unfortunately, this console is not a substitute for an Xbox or PlayStation 4.

Another great thing about the new Nvidia Shield is that it comes with Google Assistant. This means that the console will be able to do everything an always-on, always-listening Google Home speaker can do.

It is important for customers to know that in order to use the Google Assistant they need to use the game controller or a 40 dollars plug-in accessory mic to do the listening.

The new Nvidia SHIELD has a smaller body, a new controller, 4K and HDR support, the same Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM, and the same storage tiers
However, the new Nvidia Shield is much better than the previous version that was launched in May 2015. We must mention that this new version also includes a remote, it comes with more apps and capabilities, and the company also added new ones and is continuing to improve it every day.

The new Nvidia Shield is considered to be the video enthusiasts’ dream machine, because it has 4K resolution and HDR, native Kodi support, NAS access, HDHomeRun integration, Plex server capability and much more.

So, with all these new features, we must say that the new Nvidia Shield deserves a place on the podium along with the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. But, as we already mentioned, all these streaming devices cost less than Nvidia’s console.

So, unless people are also buying this console for gaming, for Kodi media center or file support, or for its huge potential as a smart home hub, we need to say that it is not a great bargain.

The new Nvidia Shield is approximately 40 percent smaller than the previous device. But, we must mention that this device has the exact same processing power and runs the same Android TV software.

Another great thing is that the pricing is the same as its predecessor. This means that it costs 200 dollars for the basic version, which includes 16GB of onboard storage, and 300 dollars for the Pro model, which offers 500GB of onboard storage.

We must mention that there are some other interesting differences between the new model and the older one. For example, the new Nvidia Shield lacks an SD card slot, but people could add external storage via USB.

The new model also comes with a new controller that is smaller and easier to grip, plus it has a better battery life, far-field mic for Google Assistant and haptic vibration. In the end, we must say that for the older model, customers have been forced to buy a 50 dollars add-on remote, but now it is included in the box.

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