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The new Ruark Audio R4-30 comes with a very classy design

Unfortunately, we are living times when radio tuners are not so famous anymore. Not so often we see people who are still buying radio tuners.
But, the new Ruark Audio R4-30 wants to change this fact.

This new device is so classy that it can fit in any place in people’s homes or apartments. At first sight, we might say that when buying this audio device, the first music played on it should be from the National Orchestra.

This new unit is a 30th Anniversary model, which features an amazing satin titanium finish metal body with a polished front panel. But, customers should know that the new Ruark Audio R4-30 also comes in black, white, or a highly appropriate walnut.

These colors are exactly what people are searching the most. Just because this new device can play any type of music, it doesn’t mean that it is packed with modern audio technology.

Ruark's limited edition R4-30 - Comprising an enhanced multi-format CD player, aptX enabled Bluetooth receiver,


  • Premium build quality and retro design
  • Smooth, punchy sound quality
  • Simple, hassle-free operation


  • Loses composure at loud volumes
  • No Wi-Fi network streaming

We must remind you that the new Ruark Audio R4-30 is a music center in the classic sense of the phrase. Besides the radio feature, the new audio device also comes with a front-loading CD player, which these days is becoming a rarity due to online streaming music services.

Moreover, we also must mention that the new Ruark Audio R4-30 comes with aptX Bluetooth connectivity, both optical and Line In connections for a multitude of music sources to play, and a USB port.

Now, we are curious how many people are still listening to CDs? 

We must say that tuned to Digital Audio Broadcast signal, the new R4 sounds amazing.

This audio device offers a natural, warm sound, and with enough detail. The DAB data scrolls across an OLED screen on the front of this new device.

Moreover, the text from the OLED screen is very bright and clear, and even people who are sitting 90 degrees can read it perfectly. To be added that the front-loading CD player has a great position on the device and it is a welcomed addition for people who are still buying music on them.

Listing to a CD player is still a good experience, rather than just ripping music from a computer and listening to digital files.

We must say that the new Ruark Audio R4-30 comes packed will full detail and it is incredibly easy to listen.

This audio device is the perfect music center that people will want in their homes. The company was very silent into details when it came to the speaker inside the R4. Ruark has only declared that there are two drivers situated on the front, and an active subwoofer inside the enclosure. Moreover, there is a total of 80 watts power output from a Class A-B amplifier designed in-house.

When buying the new Ruark Audio R4-30, customers will see that they have manual control over the bass and treble. Moreover, there is a loudness boost and a 3D mode that increases the stereo separation. In the end, we must mention that there is a USB port situated on the rear that has the ability to play various audio files from a stick or connected devices.
The new Ruark Audio R4-30 comes with a very classy design Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 12:07 AM Rating: 5
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