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BeatsX With W1 Chip Pairs Perfectly With Apple devices

Last years, Apple’s AirPods made a huge excitement on the headphone market. The first truly wireless headphone made under Apple’s brand has won a lot of fans.

But, this is not all. Because, the AirPods also managed to divide the market in half. 

Beats X bring Apple’s wireless headphone tech to a tethered form factor

Beats and Apple are changing the way you listen to music with the introduction of Apple W1 technology in BeatsX .

A half are claiming that these headphones are perfect, while the other part doesn’t like them mostly due to their weird design.

But, this is all water under the bridge, because Apple’s AirPods have been released back on September 16, alongside with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Now, a new model is on the market. This model is another Apple wireless headphone from the company’s Beats by Dre subsidiary. We are talking about the new BeatsX.

This new pair of headphones are available at the price of 150 dollars, which is a decent price. This new model is similar with the AirPods.

Moreover, the new BeatsX was also delayed, but now, it is officially available starting with February 10. 

This model comes with Apple’s new custom low-power Bluetooth chip, known as the W1.

This cheap can also be found in the AirPods, the Solo 3 Wireless, and the PowerBeats 3 Wireless.

For those who don’t know, Apple’s new chip allows pairing with Apple devices updated with the latest version of its operating systems, for example MacOS Sierra, iOS 10 and WatchOS 3.

But, this is not all, because among that trio of new Beats models, Beats’ new pair of headphones is considered to be the only truly fresh model.

Because the new BeatsX is the first model designed with the help of Apple’s design and engineering teams. We must add that the Solo 3 Wireless and the PowerBeats 3 Wireless were just updated versions of the previous models.

Another great thing about the new BeatsX is that it comes with a Lightning cable, the first from Apple’s headphone line. Customers should also know that the new BeatsX is a neckband-style wireless headphone similar with the one made by LG, called the Tone.

But, there is something different between the LG Tone and BeatsX. Beats’ new model comes with a neckband that is called a Flex-Form cable. This neckband has two wires running through it that are made of nickel titanium alloy or nitinol.

These materials were developed by the US Navy in the late 1950s and are very malleable, lightweight and durable. The purpose here is to give the band just enough rigidity and allow people to roll up the headphone so it fits into an included compact carrying case.

To be added that the cable is anchored to people’s neck with two equally weighted bulges in the cord, one of which houses the headphone’s electronics, while the other the battery.

Like many other models on the market, the new BeatsX also comes with an integrated microphone. Moreover, Beats has decided to redesign the RemoteTalk button to make it more responsive and tactile. People will have no problems making calls and the sound quality is really great.
BeatsX With W1 Chip Pairs Perfectly With Apple devices Reviewed by John Colston on 4:40 PM Rating: 5
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