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Amazon Tap Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker Update

As we know, Amazon has released this smart speaker back in April 2016. Now, the company is coming with some new changes.

Amazon’s smart speaker is available at the price of 129 dollars. The Amazon Tap is known as a portable Bluetooth speaker with the company’s voice assistant Alexa.

This device is practically a battery-powered version of the smaller Echo Dot or the larger Echo. With the Amazon Tap people will be able to set alarms, listen to the news, weather, traffic, set timers, link up with smart homes devices like Philips Hue lights, and order items from Amazon.

Amazon Tap Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker
People should know that they have to press a button on the speaker to activate Alexa. But, we are happy to see that with the new update, Amazon changed this, which means that the Tap is now completely hands-free.

Now, the Tap is similar with the Echo and Echo Dot, which makes it a compelling alternative. Moreover, the new Amazon Tap also has some better quality audio and people will get better performance for the price.

Moving to the design, this new speaker is an all-black cylinder that measures 6.2 x 2.6 inches and weighs 16.6 ounces. This means that the Tap is smaller compared with the original Echo, which measures 9.2 x 3.3 inches. This is a good thing, because this means that the Tap is easily portable.

Amazon Tap speaker -Just tap and ask for music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora
To be added that customers will also be able to wrap it inside an optional 20 dollars rubber, which is called the Tap Sling sleeve. With this strap, users can easily attach the speaker to a backpack.

Out of the box, we must say that this new speaker comes with a 0.6 x 2.6-inch charging plate and a micro USB cable. We must say that the Echo Dot is available at the price of 50 dollars, but the Tap model seems to be more attractive, even if it costs double.

The Amazon Tap comes with a gray Amazon logo situated on the front near the bottom. Moreover, there is a micro USB power port, a 3.5mm audio input, a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi button, and a power button, which doubles as a LED indicator, situated on the back.

Moreover, on top of the speaker, users will find a rubbery panel with volume, play/pause, and track navigation buttons.

The Amazon Tap has a very nice and decent design. We are happy to see that the rubbery panel situated on top of the speaker is accompanied by a row of five LEDs that glow blue when people are using Alexa, or orange when in pairing mode.

In the end, we must say that there is also a Microphone button that people can tap to manually use voice control. Setting up this new speaker is very easy. People will just have to plug it in and download the free Amazon Alexa app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

This app will guide people through the setup process. It is important to know that the Amazon Alexa app is the same as the one used for the Echo and the Echo Dot.
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