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Bragi Headphone Wireless Earbuds : The New AirPods Competitor

We are talking about the new Bragi The Headphone. This great model fits and works well, but it doesn’t offers powerful sound.

When Apple released the new AirPods, the tech world went crazy with it. That model was also considered to be the first-ever wireless headphones to be released under Apple’s signature.

But, we need to notice that Apple is not the first company that has released a so-called “truly-wireless” headphone.

What does this mean? 

A truly-wireless model means that it is a standalone left and right earpiece, unencumbered by a connecting wire. Moreover, a truly wireless model can be charged up and it includes a battery case.

It seems that the truly-wireless headphone market is starting to fill up with some new manufacturers. First, it was Earin, then Kanoa, and now Bragi.

Bragi Headphones Audio Transparency Silence the world,  or let it all in.

Designed to live in your ear Three different FitTip sizes mean a comfortable, secure fit without having to make adjustments.

But, there is something interesting that people should find out about Bragi. This company has unveiled a few models sometimes in January 2016, which is eight months before Apple had unveiled the AirPods, alongside with the iPhone 7.

So, let’s talk about Bragi a little bit. This company is practically the nascent category’s first flagbearer. Bragi is a German startup that had huge success on Kickstarter, due to its first totally wireless smart earphone, called The Dash.
That model shipped in early 2016 and cost 300 dollars.
Now, the company is back with a new and an interesting model, called The Headphone. It has an interesting name, appealing as well.

This is a completely wireless model and consists of two wireless earbuds and a charging case. Another great thing about it is that it is more affordable than the previous model, The Dash, being available at the price of 149 dollars.

For people to understand, this new model is more like a stripped down version of The Dash, which is available at the price of 300 dollars. We are saying that The Headphone comes with less features and materials than The Dash.

So, this means that people will not find the same features that The Dash offers. So, the previous model’s fitness tracking functions, waterproofing and the on-board MP3 player are gone.

The new The Headphone is built entirely from plastic and it comes packed with a charging case, which is also made of plastic instead of metal.

We also must mention that the new charging case doesn’t have a built-in battery for recharging the earphones, which is a huge minus. As we know, several competitors on the market added a built-in battery into the charging case. This way, people were able to rapidly charge their earbuds.

Let’s move to the positive things. The Headphone works pretty well, which means that the earbuds maintain a strong connection.

These earbuds can be paired and re-paired with users’ phones without a problem. Another good thing is that The Headphone model is lightweight and it will fit perfectly into users’ ears and stay there.

People will also find three small control buttons placed on the right earpiece, for controlling volume and advancing tracks forward and back.
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