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Fluance AB40 Soundbase Sounds Great And Offers Strong Performance

We are talking about the new Fluance AB40. This great speaker delivers great audio, as long as there is a TV that fits on top of it.

Customers should not be confused when they see squat, boxy sound bases. These speakers are designed to sit under their TVs, as a sort of second stand.

These speakers have been around the market since the early 2000s. But, it seems that their popularity has started to grow about two years ago. Unfortunately, this popularity will not last for too long and it will start fading again.

AB40 High Performance Soundbase Home Theater System With 3D Sound
Because, many TVs are designed in a way that makes this sound base impractical. There are several TVs on the market that come with feet situated at the ends, rather than in the middle. This means that they will simply not fit on top of a sound base.

A sound base like this will only make sense if people are using TVs that have central pedestal stands. The new Fluance AB40 is one of the best sound bases on the market. This new speaker is available at the price of 250 dollars and it is built like a tank.

The new Fluance AB40 comes with great sound and features Bluetooth playback. Thanks to its larger cabinet, this speaker will also be able to outperform some sound bars in terms of bass response.

People who are owning a TV with a centralized stand and are willing to upgrade their flat-screen’s sound, should look for the new Fluance AB40, because it deserves maximum attention.

Let’s move to the design. The new Fluance AB40 is made out of wood and it is powerful enough to support TVs that weigh up to approximately 150 pounds. Yes, that is really heavy and the weight spec says enough about the speaker’s build quality.

We must add that the new Fluance AB40 is finished in black ash and measures 3.9 x 26 x 14 inches. People are probably saying that this it too tall to find under any splayed-leg TV and they are right.

There is also a steel grille situated at the font and which has the mission to protect a pair of silk dome tweeters, and four aluminum midrange/woofer drivers.

We must add that the drives are angled in order to deliver a wide soundstage. At least this is what the company claims.

Moving to the chapter on how people are able to control the new Fluance AB40, well, users should know that the unit has capacitive controls, but in a unique touch. This means that the controls are built into the top of the wood cabinet and they are sensor touch.

The buttons are very responsive, but sometimes users will probably have to pressure touch a little hard to take up the control.

The new Fluance AB40 also comes with a well-appointed hand-held clicker. This clicker is very interesting and it comes with an attractive faux brushed finish.

The new Fluance AB40 also offers three separate inputs: optical digital, aptX Bluetooth and a 3.5mm auxiliary.
Fluance AB40 Soundbase Sounds Great And Offers Strong Performance Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2/14/2017 08:09:00 AM Rating: 5

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