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Here One Wireless Earbuds: Price and Specs Review

The company calls this new headphone model smart earphones. The new Here One are totally wireless headphones. So, customers will probably wonder if this new model is really smart or not. Well, let’s find out.

The new Here One will be available starting with March. People will be able to buy it online and it will cost approximately 300 dollars.

We also must mention that this device is not the company’s first headphone model. As we know, Bragi first released The Dash, which didn’t have a spectacular start.

The Dash has been on the market for several months and shares some similar features as the new model.
New Bragi Headphones Here One - Upgrade of the Dash Headphones

Here One headphones  is a new kind of audio system composed of Here Buds™ wireless earbuds and a connected app

We are talking about noise-isolating in-ear design, Touch controls, a pass-through mode that allows users to hear the outside world, multiple microphones, a companion app that allows users to control the headphone’s smart features, and a not so great battery life.

Moreover, just like the previous model, we must say that the new Here One model comes with a charging case that has a built-in battery that delivers over three full charges.

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But, customers should also know that this new model is a more polished product compared with the previous The Dash model.

This means that the new Here One delivers greater sound quality and a reliable wireless connection without any Bluetooth hiccups.

Customers will also be able to use one of the included different-sized ear tips, which means that they will be able to get a fairly comfortable secure fit. These different-sizes of ear tips are perfect for people who are using this headphone during a gym workout, offering a secure fit.

So as long as people get a tight seal, they should know that the new Here One delivers a clearly sound, even better than Apple’s AirPods.

As we know, Apple’s model is the other big truly wireless headphone on the field, and Bragi’s main competitor. The new Here One has the ability to deliver meatier bass and decent clarity for a Bluetooth headphone model.


But, customers should also know that a wired in-ear headphone model, even at Here One’s half the price, will easily outpace it. But, a truly wireless headphone model is more comfortable and easy to use, which means that it is worth 300 dollars.

We also must say that Apple’s AirPods model is considered to be more comfortable to wear, but unfortunately, it has an open design, which means that it lets in a lot of ambient noise. Moreover, the AirPods costs just over half as much as Bragi’s model.

So, let’s talk about Here One’s special feature. The special feature that people will probably want to spend 300 dollars for on this model is the noise filters feature.

This headphone model is equipped with six microphones and people will be able to choose to tune out the outside world with a noise-canceling filter or tune in with a pass-through filter.

For example, the city filter really cuts down the noise, making it a much better wireless model to use in noisier environments such as when walking around a busy street.
Here One Wireless Earbuds: Price and Specs Review Reviewed by John Colston on 5:47 PM Rating: 5
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