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Lenovo Miix 510 is a great alternative for the Surface line

Lenovo is coming with something new on the market. The new Miix 510 seems to be a clone for the Surface Pro 4.

Lenovo seems to attack a market where Microsoft dominates silently. The Surface Pro 4 is a combination of a powerful OS in Windows 10 and elegant hardware.

This seems to be the winning combination that Microsoft used to dominate the market. So, other manufacturers that have decided to build a 2-in-1 device, should opt for a combination that makes sense and one that works.

Lenovo was definitely inspired by Microsoft’s design and feature cues. 

Lenovo's Miix 510 is an attractive Windows tablet/keyboard combo

The 12.2" Lenovo Miix 510 is the 2-in-1 PC that adapts to every moment. With its sleek design, unique watchband hinges, and outstanding performance

The new Miix 510 comes with a 12.2-inch screen, which is attached by Lenovo’s unique watchband-like hinge is also met on the Yoga 900 series laptops. With this incredible hinge, it allows users to tilt the screen back up to 170 degrees.

Lenovo’s watchband hinge is combined with the magnetic detachable keyboard folio cover, which was inspired from Microsoft’s model.

With this great combination, people will be able to type comfortably on a desk or slightly uncomfortably on their lap.

The new Lenovo Miix 510 has 1.5 millimeters of key travel, which is good. However, the main attraction at this keyboard is that it comes with a backlight feature. This means that people will be able to type without any problems in darker rooms.

Another great thing about the new Lenovo Miix 510, compared with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 model, is the price.

The new Miix 510 is available at the starting price of 750 dollars. This model comes with nearly the same specs as the Pro 4.

Moreover, Lenovo won’t charge customers for a keyboard, which is great. But, people will have to pay for the Active Pen, which is available at the price of 40 dollars.

As we know, Microsoft charges customers with 130 dollars for the keyboard cover. However, even if these devices look the same, they are different in a way. For example, the new Lenovo Miix 510 comes with a USB-C port, while the Surface has a proprietary Connect connector.

This means that the new Lenovo Miix 510 has an advantage, because with adapters and a single cable, users will be able to connect a display and add Ethernet and external storage. On the other side, the Surface Pro 4 is limited to the company’s solutions or a more limited range of USB 3.0 accessories.

To be added that both of these models come with a single standard USB 3.0 port and combo headphone-and-mic jack. Microsoft’s device also has an advantage compared with the Miix 510. We must say that the Surface comes with a microSD card slot, which is great, because people will be able to add more storage.

In the end, we must say that the new Lenovo Miix 510 comes with a lower-resolution screen. This device has a 12.2-inch screen that features a 1.920 x 1.200-pixel display. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch screen that features a 2.736 x 1.824-pixel resolution display.
Lenovo Miix 510 is a great alternative for the Surface line Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 1:27 AM Rating: 5
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