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The new LG Watch Style Smartwatch: Attractive Design And Android 2.0

LG has a new smart watch, called the Watch Style. This new wearable is a thin and light smart watch built with the help of Google.

The new LG Watch Style is also considered to be one of the first wearables that run Android Wear 2.0, Google’s revamped smart watch operating system. Of course,

Google’s newest operating system will arrive soon on a handful of other watches, but LG’s Watch Style and Sport will be the first wearables to get the update.

The LG Watch Style is a thin and light watch that’s both beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.
Google has declared that the Android Wear 2.0 will make a better impression on smart watches compared with the company’s last efforts.

However, we think that LG’s basic smart watch is not the best watch to take advantage of Google’s latest improvements.

The new LG Watch Style doesn’t come with a speaker for answering calls, a heart rate sensor and NFC for mobile payments.

The best thing that people will find on the new LG Watch Style is the Apple Watch-like rotating digital crown.

These lacks show how basic LG’s watch really is. So, people who are in search for a smarter smart watch might want to consider LG’s other newest device, the Watch Sport, a better option.

But, people should also know that the Watch Sport is a lot larger and costs more than the Watch Style.

The new LG Watch Style was released on February 10 and costs approximately 249 dollars. We must say that the new LG Watch Style is very comfortable on the wrist, but it comes with a plastic back, which offers a very cheap feel.

People will probably opt for the design of the Asus ZenWatch 3 and Huawei Watch, because they offer a premium feel thanks to their metal chassis. But, this doesn’t mean that the new LG Watch Style is so bad. This new smart watch is thin, which means that it is very comfortable to use.

Unfortunately, it comes with one of the smallest batteries of any smart watch on the market, only 240mAh.

This means that people will have approximately 15 hours paired on an iPhone and 20 hours paired on a Samsung Galaxy device.

But, when the Android Wear 2.0 will come on the market, those numbers will probably change, but it’s not promising so far. Let’s talk about the digital crown, which is the start of this smart watch.

This crown is situated on the side of the watch and it can be rotated and used to navigate the interface.

Using this digital crown is smoother than using a finger. Moreover, it is more helpful for scrolling through notifications when people are wearing gloves.

With a single press on the crown, people will go to the app drawer, while a long press on the crown will open the Google Assistant.

As we mentioned, the new LG Watch Style doesn’t come with a speaker, which means that people can’t answer calls with it and the Google Assistant won’t speak with users. This means that the watch can only show information on the screen.
The new LG Watch Style Smartwatch: Attractive Design And Android 2.0 Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 3:31 AM Rating: 5
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