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Mark Zuckerberg’s 5,700-word manifesto: Main Goal is To Fight Isolationism

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most important persons of this century. He literally helped create the modern world by connecting nearly a quarter of its citizens to Facebook.

With his social media platform, people started to share everything, social updates, baby pictures, cat pictures, Pepe memes, helpful how-to videos and live-streamed news.

Mark Zuckerberg manifesto
But, this platform is not just about milk and honey. Facebook was also a good ramp for fake news or abusive bullying, but these kind of things have started to be isolated by the company's team.

But, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to stop here and wants more. These days, he declared that he wants to remake the world in a way that counters isolationism, addresses social ills and promotes global connections.

With this idea, Mark Zuckerberg is also cementing Facebook’s central role as a builder of online “community.” At this moment, Facebook has approximately 2 billion users.

Mark Zuckerberg shared his goals in a 5,700-word manifesto.
He also launched a question: “Are we building the world we all want?” 

In an interview with The Associated Press, Facebook’s CEO declared that he wasn’t motivated by the recent US election or any other recently important event.

He declared that he feels that in the world there is a growing sentiment that “connecting the world”, which was also Facebook’s founding idea, is no longer taken seriously.

"Across the world there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from global connection," Mark Zuckerberg declared this week.
So it falls to his company to develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us."

He also declared that more connectedness is the right direction for the world.

However, he also said that it’s "not enough if it's good for some people but it's doesn't work for other people. We really have to bring everyone along."

It is not a huge surprise that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to find ways to bring more people together. Because, bringing more people together is also Facebook’s interest, because the users’ number will grow too. Getting more people together on Facebook, will also offer more opportunities for the company to sell the ads that generate most of its revenue.

As we know, last year, Facebook managed to gain approximately 27 billion dollars by selling ads on its platform. So, bringing in more money probably would boost the company’s stock price. Alongside isolationism, Mark Zuckerberg also talked about the community support chapter.

Today, most of Facebook’s members live outside of the US and Canada. We are talking about 85 percent of users.
Our next focus will be developing the social infrastructure for community -- for supporting us, for keeping us safe, for informing us, for civic engagement, and for inclusion of all," Zuckerberg declared.

These days, Facebook managed to push its users to register to vote, to market themselves safe after natural disasters, to donate to causes and many other things. This is a very good thing, because this way people are starting to interact with each other and help making the world better.
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