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The new Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones sound great

The new Marshall Mid comes with a great vintage design, great sound and at a low cost. Marshall accustomed customers with its great products.

The wireless and wired version of Marshall’s Major II on-ear model were a great attraction for people.

Now, the company comes with a new model, which offers superb functionality, and many other features that people were hoping to see in a new upgrade.

But, customers also need to know that this new model comes with a more restrained sound signature than the company’s most playful predecessors.

Marshall's Bluetooth headphones are a solid pair of on-ears

  • Compact
  • Great battery life
  • Convenient built-in controls

The new Mid features a subtle shape audio that people will definitely love. Another great thing about it is that it provides a thin blanket to wrap around the headphone.

When customers will buy the new Marshall Mid, they will receive a nice and decent box.

There, people will find the headphone that comes with a medium-sized black box with Marshall’s classic logo situated on the front, and an image of tattooed hands raising them to the lords of rock.

After the box has been opened, customers will see the black headphones inside a dark inner layer, being secured by a molded lower section.

The first things that will attract the eye are the brass-colored accents, popping from a large black scenario. Other important things that people will receive are the micro-USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable.

Like many other cables that can be found with Marshall’s models, we must say that this one is also shaped like a shrunken-down guitar cable, with the headphone cable featuring small textured brass accents near both jacks.

Moving to the design area, customers should know that the new Marshall Mid features a similar visual aesthetic as the previous Major II. 

Marshall’s latest Bluetooth on-ears an absolute joy

Great sound, a low price, and excellent functionality make Marshall’s latest Bluetooth on-ears an absolute joy.

But, there are also some new elements that make the device different. For example, the new Marshall Mid comes with the similar texture vinyl with brass access, but the company changed the rectangular, amp-shaped earcups into something more sculpted.

Marshall’s traditional white cursive logo is more attractive than ever and it is placed on the side of each earcup.

Without a doubt that the new Marshall Mid comes with a more modern design. This new model was specially built for those with a soft spot for vintage rock and roll. To be added that two coiled cables are situated between each earcup.

The new Marshall Mid looks really great, and at first sight people will see that this model looks like a headphone found in the 70s studio era.
This model folds into a pinched “U” shape when not in use.

Another great thing is the impressive passive noise isolation. 

But, people should know that this noise isolation feature can also become uncomfortable for long listening sessions.

Similar with its predecessors, the new Marshall Mid folds easily into a compact ball due to hinges situated on the band.

Moreover, the headband’s brushed-black metal clicks between various size settings in approximately quarter-inch increments. In the end, we must add that the new Marshall Mid also comes with a few on-board controls.

This model comes with the same pencil-eraser shaped control key that was found on its predecessor.

The new Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones sound great Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 12:47 PM Rating: 5
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