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The new MSI VR One PC is like a jet backpack

We don’t know if this is cool or not. The new MSI VR One is a virtual reality backpack PC. This means that people will have to wear this PC like a normal backpack in order to play their favorite games.

Many people could say that there is no way to look cool wearing this device on your back. Wearing a VR headset by itself is an uncool look, but adding a backpack is even worse.

So, this has been settled. The new MSI VR One is not exactly fashion-forward. 

MSI VR One PC a jetpack for virtual reality
But, now let’s talk about the powers and specs that this new backpack has to offer. The company managed to solve a very legitimate problem with current-gen VR.

MSI moved the big, powerful computer, needed to run the VR headset, from the desktop to the user’s back. Well, we must admit that this will solve the main problem, because people are no longer tethered to a PC by a cable.

As we know, the PC cable that makes the connection to the headset can sometimes get tangled underfoot and restricts movement.

However, many people will probably argue that there are other important issues with VR, for example the very expensive headsets, the lack of mainstream software and games, the expensive computers needed to run them, or the very complex hardware and software setup process required to get started.

But, we also must admit that the headset cable is another huge issue when it comes to current-gen VRs. So, let’s talk about the new MSI VR One. People will be able to buy the new MSI VR One at the starting price of 2.000 dollars. Customers will just have to think about this device as a battery-powered desktop with shoulder straps.

It is interesting to know that the new MSI VR One is not the only device like this. For example, we have seen similar prototypes from HP, Dell and others. But, the new MSI VR One is the first model that is actually shipping to consumers.

So, as we mentioned, the new MSI VR One is available starting with the price of 2.000 dollars. It is not such an expensive price if we are looking inside and see the powerful configuration.

But, customers who are willing to have even greater power, should know that the price jumps to 2.300 dollars, when offering a higher-end configuration and featuring a better Nvidia 1070 graphics card.

Inside this interesting backpack PC, customers will find an Intel Core i7 CPU, a powerful Nvidia GeForce 1070 graphics card and a pair of detachable batteries.

Unfortunately, these batteries are not available to buy, but the company declared that it plans to sell additional batteries and a battery for charging dock. This will allow users to swap in fresh batteries as they play.

The new MSI VR One is very easy to use, and instead of connecting the PC to a monitor, mouse and keyboard, people will power up the new MSI VR One, slip in like a backpack, and connect an HTC Vive headset directly to it.
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