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New rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's new Galaxy device is coming. With its arrival, Samsung will also unveil some interesting new features that have not been seen on the company's devices until now.

As we know, a lot of unhappy episodes have run around with the Galaxy Note 7 phones. But, it seems that the company managed to solve the exploding problem, and replaced all the dangerous batteries.

 So, it is time for Samsung to start fresh and win customers’ trust back. What other way to do it than with its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8.

 Launching a safe and usable Galaxy S8 is the South Korean company’s chance to get back in business and become again the most buyable smartphone manufacturer.

However, even if the company had a rough end of the year, Samsung doesn’t stand so bad. It seems that the company’s profits are soaring, thanks to its chips, S7 and S7 Edge phone sales.

But, the South Korean giant will also lose approximately 5 billion dollars in the wake of recalling and then completely closing production on the Note 7.

To be added that the company will also have to face lawsuits, as well as consequences coming from exploding appliances that have followed the Note 7 issues.

So, a next-generation follow-up to the previous Galaxy that was released last March will be a good chance for the company to lure buyers back to the brand.

To be added that compared with the Note 7, the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge had no known cases of fires or explosions.

Galaxy S8 Concept Design - Is This How Galaxy S8 will look like
We are aware of the fact that Samsung has the ability to make a truly great phone. As we know, the Note 7 model was considered to be one of the most impressive phones that the company had ever made.

So, the main question is if the Galaxy S8 will have enough features to refocus buyers after the Note 7 incidents.

Rumors are claiming that the Galaxy S8 could be launched as early as March 29. But, some analysts are also claiming that the phone won’t appear on the market in late February because of Note 7's drama.

They suggest that the phone would attempt to kickstart Samsung rebound earlier than its usual late February launch.

As we know, Samsung usually launched its Galaxy model at the Mobile World Congress held in Spain.

But, this year, the company declared that it won’t launch a new device at the show.
Samsung can confirm the company will not unveil its flagship product at Mobile World Congress this year," has declared a company spokeswoman in a statement. 

So, all rumors are going to the fact that the new Galaxy S8’s launch date will be at an event in New York on March 29. One of the greatest things about this new phone is that it will come with 85 percent or 90 percent screen.

So, it seems that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be an all screen phone and it will lack the traditional home button. The company will include a fingerprint reader. The sad part is that the Galaxy S8 will lose the headset jack, just like the iPhone.

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