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Nokia 3310 Relaunch: Price, Specs And Release Date

Nokia 3310 is considered to be one of the most solid and quality built phones on the market. The returning of the new Nokia 3310 is great news for nostalgic people.

As we know, HMD Global Oy owns the rights to sell all types of “Nokia” branded phones and tablets.

This company has been formed in May 2016 by buying Microsoft Mobile’s feature phone business and the right to use the Nokia brand until 2024.

Nokia 3310 the original mobile phone, updated
This company also made a licensing agreement with Nokia. So, HMD has released these days the most awaited phone of the beginning of the year.

We are talking about the new Nokia 3310. This looks like a small candy bar and it is a reimagining of one of the classic Nokia handsets from when it was considered to be the king of the mobile phone industry.

The new Nokia 3310 is available at the price of 49.99 dollars. 

Customers will be able to buy this new phone starting with Q2.

Nokia 3310 will be available in several color options: Dark Blue and Grey, both with a matte finish, and Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish of the polycarbonate exterior.

But what is the mission of this new phone on the market? 

Probably, the company wants to create some Nokia nostalgia, but also to take a page from the old company’s playbook, which is to build a device that can potentially attract people to other Nokia products.

How do we get people on to their first Nokia smartphone?” asked HMD’s chief product officer, Juha Sarvikas.

 This is reverse engineering as a backup, he added. 
Nokia 3310 a modern classic reimagined
The backstory of the new Nokia 3310 is that along with acquiring the right to use Nokia licensing for its smartphones, HMD also bought the company’s old feature phone business from Microsoft at the price of 350 million dollars. “This is also your detox weekend phone,” declared Juha Sarvikas.

Nokia continued to produce older devices, which retain some popularity especially in emerging markets and among people who have yet to make the shift to higher end smartphones. The new Nokia 3310 lacks exciting software and expandability.

But, we must say that it has an incredible battery. The company declared that battery time in standby mode is 25 days, with talk time of up to 22 days.

There are a lot of legendary phone models in Nokia’s history,” Juha Sarvikas declared. “We thought long and hard about whether we should be bringing back a legend… and then we decided to remake the 3310.

The new Nokia 3310 was built on the S30+ operating platform, which is actually developed by MediaTek for Nokia as a new generation of the company’s classic S30.

We must say that this new phone doesn’t come with the power to load apps, but it has the basics that people will need for an all-day phone, including internet browsing, voice and text messaging, a camera for taking snaps, the classic game Snake, and two SIM slots.

To be added that the company opted for an Opera Mini browser, which is preloaded on the phone.

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