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Samsung has released the new Chromebook Pro

These days, Samsung has released on the market a new Chromebook version, called the Pro. This new laptop is available at the price of 500 dollars.

The new Samsung Chromebook Pro should probably be the customers’ first candidate when it comes to Chromebooks.

We are aware that there is a high number of Windows laptops and tablets at this price range or even lower, but none of them can come with a combination of decent designs, lag-free performance, mostly metal design, batter-than-HD touchscreen and long battery life.

Another great thing about the new Samsung Chromebook Pro is that it comes with a hybrid hinge that transforms the device into a tablet and a built-in stylus.

Samsung Chromebook Pro review - 2-1 laptop with a decent price

Chromebook Pro- A very long list of features for the price, including a QHD touch display, hybrid hinge and included stylus.

But, we must mention that despite the hybrid design, customers should know that the new Samsung Chromebook Pro is still a laptop first and a tablet second.

For example, if people will buy an iPad and attach a snap-on keyboard to it, they would have to pay twice the price of the new Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Customers also know that Chromebooks are running Google’s not-so-great browser-only operating system. So, this means that Samsung’s new laptop won’t run any of users’ must-have software, plus these systems are useless without a Wi-Fi connection.

Yes, customers are right about this fact, but not entirely. The new Samsung Chromebook Pro runs Chrome OS, which we have to admit that it had evolved over the past few years.

But, we have to mention that Google and Samsung are using this model and the new OS version, in purpose to showcase an important new Chrome OS feature that will come this year with all new 2017 Chromebooks.

Samsung and Google have work to do before the Chromebook Pro launches
So, we have to say that the new Chrome OS is compatible with the Google Play Android app store, which means that it will allow people to download and install millions of Android apps.

This is a very good feature, because people will have access to millions of apps, most of them being very useful.

Another plus for the new Samsung Chromebook Pro is that it comes with a touchscreen feature and a stylus. All these things at the price of 549 dollars seems to be a very good deal for many customers.

Samsung Chromebook Pro will be available on the market starting with the next month. However, people will also be able to opt for a less expensive version, which is available at the price of 449 dollars and it is called the Chromebook Plus.

The only difference between these two models is that the Pro comes with an Intel Core m3 processor, while the Plus model has a non-Intel ARM processor.

Both of these models are featuring 2.400 x 1.600-pixel touchscreens, 32GB of internal storage, dual USB-C ports and a microSD card slot.

Moreover, both models are coming with a keyboard by default, something that people would have to pay extra for at Surface Pro tablets and iPads. As we mentioned earlier, there is also a passive stylus included in the box.

This stylus tucks into a slot situated on the right edge and when pulled out the system presents a quick pop-up menu. This menu will offer people the possibility to grab a section of the display for a screenshot or launch Google Keep to take a note or draw something.
Samsung has released the new Chromebook Pro Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2/11/2017 01:10:00 PM Rating: 5

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