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The new Klipsch RSB-8 offers great home cinema experience

As we know, Klipsch has been producing sound bars for several years. The company’s talent is recognized all across the world.

But, we must say that Klipsch’s truest talent remains elsewhere: traditional speakers. However, this doesn’t mean that its sound bars didn’t offer solid performances. The new Klipsch RSB-8 is one of those great examples.

This new sound bar offers masculinity and a great sound. It augments its toughness due to its cutting-edge features and performance.

We must say that this new speaker comes with 4K HDMI connectivity and multiroom music. This means that the company is ready for the future and to gain the first place on the sound bar market.

So, customers who are in search for something that makes their TV viewing more pleasurable and plays some incredible music, should check out the new Klipsch RSB-8.

We also must say that there is a huge competition on the sound bar market. For example, one of the best models that we have ever seen is the incredible LG SH7B, which offers great functionality and sound.

But, the newest Vizio SB4551 is another sound bar that customers should check out. Both of these models offer multiroom music and better functionality for money.

The new Klipsch RSB-8 is available at the price of 499 dollars. Klipsch is not recognized as a company that shies away from the macho aesthetic. This new sound bar lines allude to car stereos and everything that can be seen on this bar is rock and roll.

The black grille homes two 2.5-inch mid woofers and dual three-quarter-inch fabric tweeters. The new Klipsch RSB-8 measures 40 inches length and 3.75 inches height.

This means that customers will have to be careful, because if their TV sits low, there is no IR flasher situated on the rear of the sound bar, which means that it could block their TV remote’s control signals.

The new Klipsch RSB-8 doesn’t come with a readable display. So, customers who are in search for a sound bar that homes this kind of display, should try somewhere else.

However, we must say that this sound bar does sport a small legend denoting the active input, but it is not as helpful as at models with alphanumeric readouts, for example the Zvox SB500 or LG SH7B. Let’s talk about the subwoofer a little bit.

This bass box measures 10.5 inches high, 13.5 inches deep and 7.4 inches wide. Moreover, it features a 6.5 inch paper cone driver and it is all painted in black.

The new Klipsch RSB-8 also comes with a remote control. But, customers should also know that if something happens with this remote, they could also control the sound bar using the buttons situated on the front of the unit.

These buttons placed on the unit are the power button, volume and input selection. But, the credit card remote is also very helpful and it shares pretty buttons that are close together. The new Klipsch RSB-8 also has one HDMI input, one HDMI out/ARC, digital optical, minijack analog input, USB and Bluetooth.
The new Klipsch RSB-8 offers great home cinema experience Reviewed by John Colston on 8:16 AM Rating: 5
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