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The new Kyocera DuraForce Pro is a durable phone

Durable and powerful phones are starting to be highly searched on the market. These phones are typically geared towards outdoor adventures, construction workers and travelers.

This niche is often filled with devices that many times are not as powerful as their flagship counterparts when it comes to features and specs.

Moreover, these devices are pricier compared with other high-end phones on the market. But, the new Kyocera DuraForce Pro is a refreshing change for customers.

Kyocera DuraForce PRO: Rugged, Waterproof Durable Phone
This new phone balances solid specs and performance with an affordable price that packs a large variety of features that people typically don’t see on a phone like this.

For example, this new phone comes with a dual-band Wi-Fi, wireless charging, wide-angle camera lens and NFC.

These features are transforming Kyocera DuraForce Pro into something that people might check out.

Let’s move to the design. The new Kyocera DuraForce Pro looks like many other similar devices on the market. For example, it is heavy, big and made from black polycarbonate slabs.

We see that Kyocera DuraForce Pro doesn’t depart from this playbook, which is not something bad actually. But, we also must add that the company made some efforts by adding a few curves to the back and some different textures and ridges to the plastic.

Customers probably know that durable phones are not slim and lightweight like famous flagship phones. This phone weighs approximately 8.1 ounces and measures 5.8 x 2.9 x 0.5 inches.

According to these measurements, we must say that the new Kyocera DuraForce Pro is similar to the Cat S60, which is available at the price of 587 dollars.

It is interesting to see that this phone comes with eight buttons along the front and sides. These buttons are used to make navigation easier when users are wearing gloves or the phone is wet.

People should know that on the left side they will find a volume rocker, above a red programmable button that be configured to use a push-to-talk service or to launch an app of users’ choice.

A clicky camera shutter is situated down, which will allow people to snap photos easily in landscape mode and underwater mode.

Moreover, on the right side of the phone there is a power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor. This is a unique feature, because there are no other rugged phones on the market that share this specification, asides from the pricier S7 Active.

On the bottom, people will find a USB charging port protected by a rubber stopper, while on the top edge there is an audio jack covered by a similar rubber. On the back of the phone, there are two charging contacts that are compatible with docks and multi-bay chargers.

In the end, we must say that the new Kyocera DuraForce Pro features a bright 5-inch, 1.920 x 1.080 IPS LCD with three backlit physical navigation buttons situated below.

Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon 617 processor, accompanied by 3GB of RAM. This means that multitasking is not a problem here, because apps are launching quickly and the phone can run graphically intensive games.

The new Kyocera DuraForce Pro is a durable phone Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 10:37 AM Rating: 5
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