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The new Roku Premiere offers 4K streaming apps at cheaper prices

The company has declared last year that it will release three different 4K-capable devices in 2017. Well, it seems that Roku kept its word and started to unveil these devices.

Today, we are talking about the Roku Premiere. This is the third device that the company has released.

Roku Premiere Powerful streaming. Stunning HD and 4K picture quality
The other two devices already released are the Premiere+ and the Roku Ultra. So, the new Roku Premiere is the best device for customers who want a 4K streamer for less money.

Of course, this device is dedicated to people who already have an inexpensive 4K TV that lacks HDR and a not so great selection of built-in streaming apps.

This device is cheaper than other 4K-capable streamers on the market. The new Roku Premiere also has some powerful competitors on the market, for example the Chromecast Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi box. These two devices are hobbled by the lack of Amazon video.

The new Roku Premiere is also better than the 4K capable Amazon Fire TV box. Amazon’s device is recommended for people who are really into Alexa and voice commands.

However, Roku’s new device comes with plenty of reasons for customers to spend a couple of bucks. But, there is also the Premiere+ on the market, which seems to be attractive as well.

Another interesting device on the market is the Nvidia Shield.
Compared with these device, the Roku Premiere model can’t stream high dynamic range.

Is this a huge minus? 

Well, yes, because since HDR has the ability to improve image quality, customers that already have a HDR-capable TV should opt for an HDR-capable device.

But, this doesn’t mean that the new Roku Premiere is a bad device. People who own a 4K TV and want Roku’s great app selection in a single box, while saving some money, should know that this new Premiere model is great.

Here are some interesting facts for people who want to know more about the Roku Premiere. First, they need to know that it is a 4K HDR streaming.

Let’s begin with the fact that several internet video services, for example Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and Vudu, stream some of their TV shows and movies in 4K resolution. These videos promise higher video quality than their other streams.

The new Roku Premiere is also capable to serve up lower-quality streams. Moreover, it has the ability to access all of the thousands of apps that any Roku can.

Unfortunately, several famous apps, like HBO Now/GO, Hulu, Sling TV and Watch ESPN don’t offer 4K yet.

Should people buy this new device even if they don’t have a 4K TV? 

Well, no, unless they are planning to buy a new 4K TV into the near future.

Why is Roku better than any other competitor on the market? 

Because, it has an incredible selection of 4K HDR apps.
For example, starting with this year, Roku devices offer 4K from 17 apps: Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Roku Media Player, Plex, Fandango Now, Curiosity Stream, 4K Universe and many other.
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