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The new Sennheiser PC 373D headphones is not as good as it should be

These days, Sennheiser comes with a new headphone model. We are talking about the PC 373D version.

People will be able to buy this new headphone at the price of 250 dollars. Here is the problem. Even if it looks and feels as a premium model, customers should know that the 250 dollars price is not legit. We are talking about the audio experience here.

Unfortunately, this new model sounds like a 100 dollars less device. This is an incredible surprise. As we know, Sennheiser is well-known as a company that is building high quality audio hardware that justifies the premium price tag.

Sennheiser PC 373D- headphones
This new headphone model is the company’s open-backed gaming headset. Unfortunately, this price tag just isn’t backed up with the right number of features.

Out of the box, we must say that this new model comes with a protective plastic shell within the box, which is a smart move from Sennheiser, because the headphone’s body is plastic.

Other things that people will find in the box are an unusually long cable, warranty information and booklets.

So, the new model comes with partially open-backed earcups, a volume control wheel situated on the right earcup and a large boom mic added to the left.

We must add that the new Sennheiser PC 373D is very comfortable. At first, users will probably notice a bit too much clamping force, but once the memory foam settles, users should know that this headphone model is incredibly comfortable.

This means that long play sessions are not a problem and people will notice that this new model is difficult to compare with other headphones on the market when it comes to comfort. Unfortunately, this is about it.

The new Sennheiser PC 373D doesn’t have any other pluses. As we mentioned earlier, the headband, earcups, swivel joints and mic are all made from plastic with a smooth matte finish.

So, the plastic material makes this new headphone look and feel pretty cheap. Of course, there is a tiny plus size, because the plastic material also makes this headphone feel lightweight and it is a lot more comfortable to wear.

But, still, the plastic material is not what people are looking for when they pay 250 dollars for a headphone.

The mic boom is another minus chapter. The boom is long and made of plastic with a rubber strip in the middle. This rubber material doesn’t hold and tends to drift after it has been moved.

As we said before, this new headband comes with a weird long cable, broken in two sections and rubberized.

At one end of the cable people will see a female micro-USB jack with Dolby surround, while on the other side there is a male micro-USB tip terminating in standard USB jack to be plugged in into a PC.

It is a weird choice, because this headphone jack also comes with a PC app. Another minus is that this headphone doesn’t come with a mute button for the mic. The only way to mute the mic is to flip the boom all the way up.

The new Sennheiser PC 373D headphones is not as good as it should be Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 12:18 PM Rating: 5
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